Multiple Skins for a Single Model

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Creating multiple skins under one model requires a $texturegroup definition in the.qc file following the $body.

It must follow the $body definition or else the .qc will simply not compile.

$body studio "models/test/test.smd"

$texturegroup skinfamilies


{ "test1.vtf" }

{ "test2.vtf" }


The textures can be named anything as long as you've referenced them correctly in the .qc.

Each material that you apply to a model can have a seperate property. So for a character, you'd have a material for their body and then a material for their head, or you could be really fancy and make several clusters, one for each aspect of their make up. So a material for their leather gloves, one for their cloth pants, one for their metal armor, and one for their flesh head. These would all be seperate materials with their own seperate .vmts and such. However, using multiple materials on the same model creates a significant performance hit, so this should be done sparingly.