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<Half-Life> multi_manager is a point entity available in all GoldSource engine games.

Entity description

Lets you trigger multiple entities, potentially with a delay before fire for each targeted entity.

To trigger an entity with it, you must first turn off smart edit, then add keyvalue pairs for the targets. The "key" is the targetname of the entity you want to target. The "value" is the delay in seconds before the entity is triggered after the multi_manager itself has been triggered. The same targetname can be targeted multiple times at different delays, however the keyvalue will become targetname#1 and so on.

A maximum of 16 targets can exist for a single multi_manager.

Key Values


Name <target_source>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.


Any other entity's targetname <float>
The entity targetnames to be fired by this multi_manager. The key is the targetname of another entity, and the value is the delay in seconds. Up to 16 targets in the queue can exist.
Note.png Note: These keyvalues must be added manually without smart edit.


  • 1: Multithreaded - This allows the multi_manager to be targeted again after it has been targeted once, but before all of the targets in its queue have been fired. It does this by creating a clone of itself that will trigger all targets and then remove itself. This can cause a noticeable increase in the number of entities if the manager has targets with long delays.
Warning.png Warning: When the multi_manager clones itself, it takes an additional entity slot in the game for every cloning. If all entity slots are taken up, the game will crash with an error message of ED_Alloc No Free Edicts. There are other ways of looping one multimanager without the need of this flag ticked, such as this one.