Moving Clouds

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Finding The Model

Moving Clouds are a simple prop_dynamic away

The models available in CS:S are:

  • props/cs_office/clouds
  • props/de_tides/clouds
  • props/de_port/clouds

And some others

  1. So if you want theses clouds in an HL2 map, download GCFScape.
  2. Open Counter Strike Source Shared.gcf.
  3. Navigate to models/props/cs_office and extract all clouds files you find.
  4. Navigate to materials/models/props/cs_office and Extract all clouds files you find.
  5. Place the models in models/props/cs_office in hl2 folder and place the materials in materials/models/props/cs_office
  6. Restart Hammer (if it is running) and you will find the model in the list

Placing The Model

Now you got your model, so make a 3d skybox, and place the model in it as a prop_dynamic. Put the prop_dynamic by the center of your sky_camera in the skybox. Resize your 3d skybox if you have to, but its cooler to see all the cloud model. Compile and you're done!

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