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Pyro model in Modo 501

(icon) Modo is a 3D modeling application created by Luxology (former developers of Lightwave). Modo is known to be used at Valve. It has extensive mesh editing capabilities and character animation tools. It is available on Windows and OS X.


Properly exporting models requires you to set the unit system to Game Units for the model to scale properly. Meters per Game Unit should be set to 1.0 to avoid additional conflicts. 1 Game Unit in Modo is equivalent to 1 Game Unit in Hammer.

Models built with Metric or English units will appear 1/1000 their actual size in-game. If you have already built your model and need to convert it to Game Units, the easiest method is using the Absolute Scale tool to automatically reset the scale of the model.

Native Exporting

Static models without collision meshes can be exported to OBJ file format and compiled natively with Studiomdl, without the need for exporting to SMD file format. OBJ support was introduced with The Orange Box tools, and currently only supports static meshes.

Collision meshes are not supported in OBJ file format and will produce errors if included.

Plug-in Exporting

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