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Changing the appearance of Source's GameUI is as easy as changing the values in the SourceScheme.res file using any text editor. If you have not started to create your own Half-Life 2 mod you will need to download the file from here. You will need to move the SourceScheme.res file into a game's resource folder or your mod's folder, replacing the file if it already exists.

Let's take a look at changing the color of all GameUI elements to a blue tint. Open the SourceScheme.res file in notepad and scroll down to about line 63 you should see something like this...

	Frame.TitleTextInsetX			16
	Frame.ClientInsetX			8
	Frame.ClientInsetY			6
	Frame.BgColor				"160 160 160 128"
	Frame.OutOfFocusBgColor			"160 160 160 32"
	Frame.FocusTransitionEffectTime		"0.3"	// time for a window to fade on focus
	Frame.TransitionEffectTime		"0.08"	// time for a window to fade on open/close
	Frame.AutoSnapRange			"0"

Simply change the values for Frame.BgColor to 160 160 255 128. Colors are ordered 'RGBA' (Red-Green-Blue-Alpha). Now save the file and run your mod. You now have a blue tinted GUI.