Modified Fizzler Fields

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Modified fizzler fields are a custom element that is not shipped with Portal 2. It's basically a modified Emancipation Grid that behaves differently depending on the color of the field. This testing element was initially made for the map FourthReaper's Penrose. 2016_01_01_00002.jpg


This assumes you have a level to put the fields in. If not, this page or this page will show you the basics. You will also need to have downloaded the texture pack that contains the custom fizzler textures (Look at the vmf of this file to see exactly how it works).

Note.png Note: If the texture is misaligned, use the tool texture, click on the surface you want to align, then click on "Fit" button.

If you don't have these textures, the fields will display the "missing texture" checkerboard.

Green Fizzler Field (Surface Division Field)

Essentially a world portal that prevent portal from being fired through it. It is a good idea to always make sure the Surface Division Field is fully enclosed. This means if you want it to stand in the middle of a room, you must build a frame around it (top, bottom, and both sides). If you don't do this, you will get an error when you try to compile the level. This is due to the world portal being unable to seal a room (odd feature of this item, but whatever) when it is out in the open. A world portal, aka linked portal door apparently needs to seal a room or the level is considered to have a leak.

1. Create a trigger portal cleanser that is 128*128*1. Then chenge the "visible" propertie to "yes"

Note.png Note: You can make it more than one unit thick, but I recommend only one unit to avoid odd visual behavior when passing through it.

2. Texture all of it in tools/nodraw.

3. Texture the faces you will see with fr_surface_division_field.

4. Create a linked portal door and apply with the following settings:

Note.png Note: You will need to create two Surface Division Fields if you want the field to stand away from a wall. If you don't have two of them back to back, you will be unable to use the field from behind.
Property Name Value
Name green_field_1
Linked Partner green_field_2
Width 64
Height 64
Start active Yes
Note.png Note: It is helpful if you put the field in front of the linked portal door. This can minimize the likelihood of odd visual behavior when you pass things like lasers or funnels through field. If you have lasers or funnels, it is also helpful to put a func_brush behind the field. This will help to prevent odd visual behavior.

This will create the linked portal door in the exact center of the trigger portal cleanser. Of course, if you made the trigger portal cleanser a different size, you will want to make the linked portal door a different size.

Note.png Note: The size of the linked portal door is half the size of the trigger portal cleanser. The two linked portal doors should be the same size. If they are not, you might get very strange behavior in-game when looking at the linked portal door.

Orange Fizzler Field (Force Deflection Field)

This field prevents everything from passing it, except portal shots. It is essentially a reskin of grating. This field is created in a similar way as the green field. It does, however, have few differences as well.

1. Create a func brush and texture it like you did the surface division field, except use fr_force_deflection_field.

2. Set it as follows:

Property Name Value
Solidity Never Solid

3. Create a second func brush and texture it with tools/invisible. Again, make sure to check Ignore player +USE.

4. Create a func clip vphysics and texture it with tools/playerclip. You can find the "tools/" texture by searching for "tools" in the texture browser.

Note.png Note: Make sure the 2 func brushes and the func clip vphysics are the same size. This will ensure that the orange field functions properly.

Yellow Fizzler Field (Matter Inquisition Field)

This field will fizzle things and block portals but will not reset portals.

1. Create a field as you did with the green field, steps 1 and 2.

2. Texture the face of the field with fr_matter_inquisition_field.

3. Uncheck the Clients flag and check the Physics Objects flag under flags.

4. Set the field as follows:

Property Name Value
Visible Yes

Purple Fizzler Field (Compressed Smoke Field)

This field will block the player and prevent portals from being fired through it.

1. Create the field as above.

2. Texture the field with fr_compressed_smoke_field.

3. Create a func brush and texture it with tools/playerclip. Make sure the Ignore player +USE flag is checked.

4. Set the trigger portal cleanser as:

Property Name Value
Visible Yes

Pink Fizzler Field (Liquid Coloring Excision Field)

It is esentially a fizzler for paint. It block portals, but does not fizzle portals or cubes. Only paint will be destroyed when the field is active. This is not created by FourthReaper as the other feilds are, so you will need to download the files from here.

1. Create a trigger portal cleanser that is 128*128*2. Make sure that the "Visible" property is set to "Yes." Use the following properties:

Property Name Value
Name pinkfieldA:field
Visible Yes

2. Uncheck the "Clients" flag. This will prevent the field from fizzling portals.

3. Texture the entire block in tools/nodraw.

4. Texture the faces that you'll see with cj_liquid_coloring_excision_field.

5. Create a trigger paint cleanser that is the same size. Texture this in tools/trigger. No properties need to be changed.

6. Give the two triggers a name, so they can be activated and deactivated within the puzzle.

Note.png Note: You don't have to, but I prefer to give them the same name to save time when setting what actiates/deactivate it.

And, you're done!

Controlling the Fields

You can of course control these fields just like any other object. If you choose to make the fields controllable, you will need to give the fields names. I find it easiest to name the field for its color; such as green_field_1, purple_field_east, etc. That way I can remember where the devil the silly thing is in the room.

To do: add instructions on setting up control of the field's state.