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Take that, Vault Boy!

You have successfully completed the mod wizard! The folder you chose to install to now has several sub-folders beneath it:

For your uncompiled VMF map files.
For your uncompiled materials.
For your uncompiled models.
All of the C++ game source code for Half-Life 2: Episode Two or Half-Life 2: Deathmatch*, or just the "scratch" code, depending on which option you chose in the mod wizard.
All of the source code for most of the Source SDK's content creation tools.

Additionally, a folder with your mod's name has been created in <Steam install path>\steamapps\sourcemods\. This is where data compiled from the folders above will be loaded from, and the only folder people playing your mod will need.

* Valve ships a very outdated version of HL2DM on Steam, but its SDK code is up to date.

What now?

A barnacle, from Half-Life 2.

There are many areas in modding. For a complete overview, visit the main SDK Docs page. Here are some highlights for beginners:

General advice
From Valve
From other modders
Choosing a compiler
My First Mod (if you chose the Episode Two or Deathmatch source code)
Your First Entity
Your First Map
Hammer documentation
Modeling & Animation
XSI Mod Tool
Exporting a model
Model Creation Overview
Art & Sound
Material Creation
Choreography creation

Get help

Help is available from:

Good luck!