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Mod Page Template

This document is intended as a reference template for mod information pages. It is by no means a requirement to follow this document, but it will serve to reinforce a consistent display of content.


Add this to a new page: 


This mod for Source is currently in alpha development.


Start with a mod description. This should be a general overview of what the mod is and maybe what sets it apart from other mods in its genre. This is broad information and can include what the mod is now, as well as what is intended for the future. Note that writing what engine or game the mod is for is redundant, if this is already specified in the ModStatus template.


  • a quick list of features
  • bulleted lists are always nice
  • they give the viewer a quick overview of what is in the mod
  • you don't need to list every minute feature here


This section should contain media such as screenshots, concept art, movies or even music. This category is important because it shows "proof of concept": That the mod is actually being worked on, and not just something that looks good on paper or in the authors mind. This is required to prevent the wiki from being swamped in mere mod fantasies. Without proof of concept (like in-game screenshots or an external link to a site where in-game screenshots are available) the article will almost certainly be flagged for deletion.


A brief history of the mod. How long has it been around, what kind of changes has it gone through, what problems had to be overcome. You know. Whatever. If you want it.


Some information about the mod team.

Localized versions

Information about the localized versions of the mod.

See also

  • Links to other related articles within the wiki (optional).

External links

  • links to the official site
  • links to mod specific tutorials on the wiki and externally
  • mod specific forums
  • etc
  • ModDB
  • FPSBanana Link

Note that if you haven't provided any media in the Media section, you have to include a working link to where media can be found here (like an official site), to show proof of concept.

Categorization (Remove this header before creating the article.)

Using the ModStatus template at the top of the page to specify what engine (and even game) the mod is for, whether the mod is single-player or multiplayer, and in what stage of the development process it is currently in, should have already categorized the mod into the appropriate categories.

There are, however, two additional tags that (if needed) you have to provide manually: [[Category:Help Wanted]] and [[Category:Open Source Mods]]. Insert them at the bottom of the page.

Save the page and then continue editing your page. 

Editing help is available. [edit] Tags Tip: If the download URL contains an equal sign, it has to be escaped like this:

[edit] Sections

There are other sections, like Plot (for singleplayer games), and Help Wanted, etc, that will occasionally be appropriate as well. [edit] Categories

See Category:Mods to add a suitable category.