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This third-party mod for the Source engine is currently in the Alpha Development Stage.A public download is not yet available to the public.

HL2: People's War is based on the ongoing war between the Combine and Rebels. When I saw the gameplay trailers for HL2, they contained some great struggle scenes between the two sides. E.g: There's a trailer where Gordon, Barney and some rebels take on some combine behind a giant barricade. I was really looking forward to those levels. But when the game came out, Valve cut out most of those great levels. Though the game was still fantastic, I was kind of gutted that those levels were cut out. That's where this Mod steps in. People's War will try to replace those levels. Don't worry though, it's not gonna be all conbine soldiers. There's still going to be Striders, Gunships, Headcrabs, Barnacles, Ichthyosaurs etc etc. (The G-man might pop up as well!)


  • Brand new maps
  • Brand new objects (furniture etc)


People's War isn't yet at the stage where I can release any media yet. :(


26th September 2006: People's War begins construction.


My name's Mike, 14 year old + GCSE student from England. I'm the lone creator of People's War. Although, some help would be good! I stumbled across HL2 in a magazine a few years ago and bought it in summer 2006. After completing it on all difficulties I bought Epsode 1. After that was completed, I thought "Maybe I should make a Mod". That leads up to where I am now.

Other info

  • Still working on main site. (Being forced to use freewebs or piczo etc...)
  • Just a warning. I havn't completly learned everything on Mod creation, so this Mod might take a while. :S
  • etc
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