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<!-- Uncomment as appropriate. -->
<!-- Uncomment as appropriate. -->
<!-- [[Category:Help Wanted -->
<!-- [[Category:Help Wanted]] -->
<!-- [[Category:HL1 Third Party Mods]] -->
<!-- [[Category:HL1 Third Party Mods]] -->
<!-- [[Category:HL2 Third Party Mods]] -->
<!-- [[Category:HL2 Third Party Mods]] -->
<!-- [[Category:Multiplayer Mods]] -->
<!-- [[Category:Multiplayer Mods]] -->
<!-- [[Category:Open Source Mods -->
<!-- [[Category:Open Source Mods]] -->
<!-- [[Category:Single Player Mods]] -->
<!-- [[Category:Single Player Mods]] -->

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This document is intended as a reference template for mod information pages. It is by no means a requirement to follow this document, but it will serve to reinforce a consistent display of content.

Usage: Copy and paste the contents of this template (from the edit window) to a new page and edit it there. Do not edit this page!

See Category talk:HL2 Third Party Mods#Alpha/Beta Tags for info on using tags.


Start with a mod description. This should be a general overview of what the mod is and maybe what sets it apart from other mods in its genre. This is broad information and can include what the mod is now as well as what is intended for the future.


  • a quick list of features
  • bulleted lists are always nice
  • they give the viewer a quick overview of what is in the mod
  • you don't need to list every minute feature here


Screenshots, movies, whatever. We are almost requiring media for a mod to be listed- it's not a steadfast rule, but it's a good idea of when to decide to make your mod's page.


A brief history of the mod. How long has it been around, what kind of changes has it gone through, what problems had to be overcome. You know. Whatever. If you want it.


Some information about the mod team.

Other info

  • links to the official site
  • links to mod specific tutorials on the wiki and externally
  • mod specific forums
  • etc
  • {{moddb|Moddb ID Number, creates Moddb link}}

There are other sections, like Plot (for singleplayer games), and Help Wanted, etc, that will occasionally be appropriate as well.