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The Material Editor is an engine tool available in Source 2007 and later. This tool allows you to edit VMT properties while in-game with via a simplified interface that is both user friendly and real time. This heavily simplifies the material editing process as well. Previously users would have to edit the vmt outside of the engine, then go back in-game and reload all materials, or the current vmt. To use it, run your game or mod with -tools -nop4 on the command line and select 'Material Editor' from the Tools menu. This tool is used to edit the material properties with the added advantage of a preview.

To do:  Find out if material editor supports custom shaders?

Note.png Note:  Make sure that sv_lan is set to 1 in the console located in the lower-left corner (sv_lan 1) if your game is MP based.
Warning.png Warning: you need to use the command: "toolload vmt" in console for <Alien Swarm>Alien Swarm to load



The first viewport on the left is the vmt properties that you could set. The lower right viewport is the vmt preview, and bove that is the engine viewport. When you are editing, the vmt properties viewport will identify all of the avalable parameters as well as what type of data that could be inputted.


see List of Shader Parameters for more details

Data types

To do: add more information

  • bool "short for boolean" in which 0 = false and 1 = true
  • string file path (ex. brick\brickfloor001a.vtf)
    Warning.png Warning: you cannot load vtf files not currently in the game or mod directory, make sure they are in before making the materials
  • color <color255 + int> (ex. 97 11 255 255)
  • float
  • int "short for integer" (ex. 56)
  • matrix written in binary ( 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 )

To Create a new material

click file -> new , then begin editing

see Material for editing information

select the type of shader to be used

see List of Shaders

To do: Finish Tutorial

Loading a material

Bug.png Bug: Complex material designs can crash the editor when loading

click file -> Open..., find the file located in the mod or game directory loaded

Saving a material

Bug.png Bug: Somtimes settings may not stick, keep a text editor open to copy your settings over

click file -> save as..., give the material a name, and save in the mod or game directory loaded

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