Mapping with Antlions

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Antlion behavior includes how they act, how to make them unburrow when walking on the sand, how to make them fly and how to make them follow a precise route. Antlions basically can't see; they hear their enemies which is why they are sometimes complicated to handle. In most cases, they just run to and attack the player, but you can make them do precise things too.


  • weapon_bugbait - a weapon the player can use to control antlions
  • prop_thumper - the Combine mechanism that thumps the ground to ward off antlions


If you want to create an antlion that spawns by unburrowing, a simple npc_maker will not suffice because it does not have all the options of the npc_antlion (start burrowed, alert radius, path corners, squad names and hint groups). Therefore we must use npc_antlion_template_maker.

To make an antlion that unburrows on spawn, check the Start Burrowed flag on the antlion, configure the npc_template_maker normally with the antlion in the template and then add the following output:

OnSpawnNpc, (your antlion), Unburrow

As soon as the burrowed antlion spawns it will unburrow, instead of appearing from nowhere.

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