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This is a list of sites about mapping, including tutorials, articles, communities, etc.

  • CSM2 - Map Downloads,Tutorials and mapping help forums.
  • Creating Worlds - A large number of articles focusing on the design aspect of level design
  • Shammers Forums - A small community, with a couple of useful tutorials.
  • Edit Life - Mapping articles, entity list, error documentation and forums
  • Half-wit 2 - Another collection of Mapping tutorials
  • I Wanna Map - You wanna map, We wanna help. For Tutorials and help
  • Mapping-area - Tutorials on Mapping, Beginner to Advanced, all in French!
  • - A mapping and guide site for the Source engine.
  • NiRiDa Studios DEAD? - Comunidad Española de Edición en Source - Spanish Community for the Source Engine edition tutorials.
  • zombie's * Edited* Optimization Page An in-depth guide to optimizing your maps.
  • A Norwegian mapping community with more than 130 tutorials for more than 13 engines!
  • zombie's Optimizing-page information on optimizing your map
  • 22+ Tutorials on Mapping, Beginner to Advanced, 10+ Maps with source files included!
  • DispEd - Precise displacement editor used to make geometric shapes in the style of "Quake 3 patches."
  • TWHL - Mapping community and tutorial site with busy forums for HL and SOURCE mappers.
  • The Snarkpit - Mapping and modeling community site
  • mIKe's ReVeNGe - HL2DM Community with an Excellent set of Tutorials!