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A quicklist thumb (100%)

Maplist/Список Карт является удобным режимом работы с браузером серверов, доступным в Orange Box, который включает ключевую информацию, такую как имя карты и тип игры. Это частично достигается за счет предоставления уменьшенного изображения каждой карты, и эта статья покажет вам, как создать такой же

Создание Миниатюры

Три файла необходимы для "работы" миниатюры:

  1. menu_thumb_<map name>.vtf
  2. menu_thumb_<map name>.vmt
  3. <map name>.res



For an in-depth guide to creating a VTF file, see Creating a Material.

Take a screenshot of your map that is easily recognizable and will scale down well. Then:

  1. Resize/crop the image so that it fits into a 128x96 rectangle.
  2. Position the image along the top of a 128x128 image. Don't resize it.
  3. Enable the "No Mipmap" and "No Level of Detail" options.
  4. Save as <game>\materials\vgui\maps\menu_thumb_<map name>.vtf.


For an in-depth guide to creating a VMT file, see Creating a Material.

Paste this:

	$basetexture	"vgui\maps\menu_thumb_<map name>"
	$translucent	1
	$ignorez	1
	$vertexcolor	1

To do: Are the last three parameters really required?

Remember to replace <map name> in $basetexture with your map's actual name. Don't include a file extension anywhere. Save as <game>\materials\vgui\maps\menu_thumb_<map name>.vmt.

Resource list

Paste this:

	materials/vgui/maps menu_thumb_<map name>.vmt	file
	materials/vgui/maps menu_thumb_<map name>.vtf	file 

Once again, replace <map name> with your map's actual name. Save as <game>\maps\<map name>.res.

Creating a default thumbnail

There are actually two default thumbnails: one for maps that need to be downloaded and one for maps already on the player's computer. They are:

  • materials\vgui\maps\menu_thumb_default
  • materials\vgui\maps\menu_thumb_default_download

They are otherwise identical to any other maplist thumbnail.

Warning: These files are not inherited from the engine. Mods need to have their own (including the .vmt) or the dreaded purple checkerboard will be drawn instead.

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