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This mod for Source has been released! Download it now.


Mapbase is a special Source 2013 improvement mod that helps level designers make better maps and have a more comfortable experience designing them without changing too much of the game itself. Mapbase includes 50+ new entities (not counting filters or engine ports), hundreds of new I/O/KV (Inputs/Outputs/Keyvalues), heavily reworked FGDs, and more.

Mapbase is NOT an improved version of Hammer. Mapbase is a mod for Source 2013 itself and maps using it must be played in Mapbase or a mod running its code in order to function correctly. Mappers would create their maps based off of this mod and larger mods with their own unique changes would draw from Mapbase's code and assets.

Mapbase is currently only built around Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Other games are not currently supported, although a MP port is planned.

Most of Mapbase's changes are quality-of-life improvements that could largely only be noticed in the editor. The main goal of this project is to alleviate the craziness and inconvenience of mapping and modding for Source.


  • 50+ new entities (mostly logic-related) and several filters and engine ports
  • Hundreds of new Inputs, Outputs, and Keyvalues added to existing entities
  • Heavily revised and reworked FGDs
  • More map-specific file capabilities (actbusy files, talker files, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements (NPCs using more weapons, etc.)


You can find Mapbase's trailer here and you can find images of Mapbase on the ModDB gallery.


Note:This section is written in first-person from the perspective of Blixibon, the original creator of Mapbase.

I had the idea for Mapbase when I saw the inconvenience of creating maps for HL2 and I realized how easy it was to fix some of the issues in the SDK's code. Mapbase originally started in February 2018 as a prototype, but the project seen now began in August-September 2018, when I shared the idea with friends and the few modding communities I was a part of at the time. At first, Mapbase was mostly just about modifying the FGDs and fixing/adding a few I/O/KV (Inputs/Outputs/Keyvalues) on logic entities. However, Mapbase quickly transformed into a huge project that I dedicated most of my time to. Over the next year, Mapbase became a repository for various general Source fixes and features, fixing long-running bugs and introducing features in one big thing that mappers and modders could use as a "modding platform". Mapbase's original goals haven't changed, but the scope has widened to levels I never expected when I started this project.

Release Information

Mapbase's release build and source code were first released on September 30th 2019.


Mapbase uses its own wiki to hold most of its information and documentation. Mapbase's changes are consistent with what the VDC intends to document, but there's too many changes to post all of Mapbase's modifications on the VDC directly. However, relevant general-purpose fixes and features originally created for Mapbase have been added to the VDC and will continue to be added in the future. Mapbase does not have to be mentioned unless the mention of Mapbase is necessary and/or easier than writing the fix in the article itself.


Mapbase was mainly created by Blixibon, but it couldn't have been done without contributors like 1upD or krassell. You can find the full credits page here.

External links

More links can be found on the ModDB page.