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Common traditional naming conventions for maps for some Half-Life and Source games use a small prefix (often two or three letters) followed by an underscore at the beginning of the map name. For example "de_dust", where "de_" is the prefix and "dust" is the map name.

Official prefixes are as follows.

Official games

Counter-Strike, Source & Condition Zero

Prefix Map Type Description
AS Assasination Counter-Strike and VIP Mod only
CS Hostage Rescue
DE Bomb Defusal
ES Terrorist Escape Now defunct, originally official
TR Training Maps Only official appearance in Counter-Strike 1.5 retail.
Note.png Note: Condition Zero uses enhanced versions of the original Counter-Strike maps denoted with a "_cz" suffix.

Day of Defeat & Day of Defeat: Source

Prefix Map Type Description
DOD Default Prefix
PARA Para Maptype Last seen in Day of Defeat beta 3.1

Deathmatch Classic

Prefix Map Type Description
DMC Default Prefix


Prefix Map Type Description
c0 Chapter 0 Train Ride
c1 Chapter 1 Black Mesa Sectors
c2 Chapter 2 Black Mesa Trainride
c3 Chapter 3 Black Mesa Outside
c4 Chapter 4 Xen
c5 Chapter 5 Ending
t0 Training Training Maps
hldemo Demo Maps Originally found in Half-Life: Uplink

Half-Life Blue Shift

Prefix Map Type Description
BA Default Prefix

Half-Life Opposing Force

Prefix Map Type Description
OF Default Prefix
OP4CTF Capture The Flag

Half-Life Decay

Prefix Map Type Description
HT Default Prefix
DY Default Prefix Prefix for maps on the PC ported version.

Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 & Half-Life 2: Episode 3

Prefix Map Type Description
D1 Day One Day One of the story
D2 Day Two Day Two of the story
D3 Day Three Day Three of the story
EP1 Episode 1
EP2 Episode 2
EP3 Episode 3

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

Prefix Map Type Description
DM Deathmatch Default Prefix

Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2

Prefix Map Type Description
L4D Co-op Storyline based gameplay
L4D_SV Survival
L4D_VS Versus
C#M# Campaign #, Mission #


Prefix Map Type Description
TESTCHMB Test Chambers Early levels (Test chambers 1-19)
ESCAPE Facility Escape

Portal 2

Prefix Map Type Description
SP_A1 Single Player Maps (Act 1)
SP_A2 Single Player Maps (Act 2)
SP_A3 Single Player Maps (Act 3)
SP_A4 Single Player Maps (Act 4)
MP_COOP Coop Maps


Prefix Map Type Description
RC Default Prefix

SiN Episodes: Emergence

Prefix Map Type Description
ARENA Arena Maps
SE1 Default Prefix

Team Fortress 2

Prefix Map Type Description
ARENA Arena Maps Added with the August 19, 2008 update.
CP Control Point Original Shipping Map Type
CTF Capture the Flag Original Shipping Map Type
TC Territorial Control Original Shipping Map Type
PL Payload Added with the April 29, 2008 update.
PLR Payload Race Added with the May 21, 2009 update.
KOTH King of the Hill Added with the August 13, 2009 update.

Third-party mods

Brain Bread

  • bb


  • diprip


  • dys
  • pb


  • emp

Eternal Silence

  • es

Fortress Forever

  • ff - All gametypes

Garry's Mod

-- Official --

  • gm
  • gmdm - Garry's Mod Deathmatch
  • mr - Melon Racer
  • ifn - Infection (unreleased test gamemode)

-- Unofficial --

  • rp - Roleplay
  • sb - SpaceBuild
  • gms - Stranded
  • zs - Zombie Survival
  • fw - Fort Wars

Gunman Chronicles

  • demo - Gunman Chronicles demo
  • cinematic - cutscene
  • city
  • mayan
  • rust
  • west
  • rebar

Half-Life 2: Capture The Flag

  • ctf - Capture the Flag
  • dom - Domination

Hidden: Source

  • hdn - Hidden
  • ovr - Overrun


  • ins

Iron Grip: The Oppression

  • ig


  • jb

Natural Selection

  • co - Combat
  • ns - Natural Selection (original)

Obsidian Conflict

  • oc
  • oc_vs - Maps that offer PvP Gameplay

Project Valkyrie

  • 3mm - 3-Month Mod


  • sf

Specialists, The

  • ts

Sven Co-op

Older Sven Co-op maps tend not to have prefixes, but, to stop confusion with third-party single player levels and original Half-Life multiplayer add-ons, the "sc" prefix has come into use.

  • sc


  • syn

Zombie Master

  • zm

Zombie Panic, Zombie Panic! Source

  • zps
  • zpo
  • zpl
  • zph
  • zpa

Unofficial prefixes

In addition, some custom maps will be marked with unofficial prefixes, either to denote its nature or to brand it.


  • aaa
  • jp
  • kz - Climing/jumping
  • nrp
  • proto - Prototype map
  • rwp
  • sa - Snipers Alley
  • sp - Single player
  • sdk - SourceSDK example map
  • test - Test map
  • zoo - Object gallery

Counter-Strike, Source & Condition Zero

  • aim - Aim Arena has teams that are restricted to one class of weapon and have no objectives except to eliminate the opposing team. Emphasis is placed on player's aim.
  • awp - AWP Arena restricts players to AWPs only
  • dm - Deathmatch Arena-styled maps used by deathmatch mods for CS and CS:S. These maps are usually small and simple like "fy" maps but adapted in order to have multiple spawn points.
  • fy - Frag Yard is a map with an assortment of weapons spawning on the ground versus player inventory.
  • fun - Fun Map is a map with some strange objectives, contraptions or other mysterious things.
  • mg - Same as Fun Maps, mostly obstacle courses and games with unbalanced teams (i.e. attack and defend with more attackers than defenders).
  • gg - Gun game. The only objective on this map is to kill the other team. You can level up to get better guns.
  • he - HE Grenade Arena restricts players to Heavy Explosive grenades.
  • nade - Same as HE Greanade Arena.
  • ka - Knife Arena restricts players to knives only.
  • pa - Prepared Assualt
  • surf - Surf Maps (unofficial gamemode)
  • texture - Secondary prefix. Denotes a map that only uses dev textures.
  • ze - Zombie mod escape maps (unofficial gamemode)
  • zm - Zombie mod barricade maps (unofficial gamemode)

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

  • js - coop

Team Fortress Classic

  • conc - "Conc" maps, using concussion grenades to do a climb/jump sort of map.

Team Fortress 2

  • ccp - Cyclic Capture Point
  • db - Dodgeball
  • dm or duel - Death Match or Duel
  • dom - Domination
  • es - Escort
  • jump - Jump maps (rocket or stickey jumping)
  • melee - Melee only map
  • sniper - Sniper only/prefered map
  • toy or rats - Players are small compaired to the level scale
  • rc - A Capture Point match where the points are randomly assigned
  • vip - Hunted map, to be used with the Hunted Mod


  • killbox - Killbox (DM) is a map consisting of at least one box-shaped arena.