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A list of sites where you can download maps for Valve's games.

  • CSM2 - Map Downloads,Tutorials and mapping help forums.
  • 17buddies - French community of gamers - Map Downloads, tools.
  • Dimension Studios - Professional level design team. Order Source and Pre-Source maps. Also view tutorials in the forums.
  • Day of Defeat Directory - Directory for custom maps, files and links to other Day of Defeat: Source sites.
  • LanManiaX - The largest map database for HL\HL2.
  • The Nightlight Mapping - Maps devoted to realistic locations.
  • The Ascendancy - What you're trying to live up to. Database of the very best HL2DM maps.
  • PlanetPhillip - Commentary and Analysis of Single Player Sci-Fi First Person Shooters. Contains a very large database of HL1 and HL2 SP maps.
  • Inevitable Maps - Custom maps for the Source engine.

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