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Map Analyst MAN is a GUI tool for inserting custom files (like materials, textures, models, sounds, etc.) automatically into a BSP file. Even indirect usage of files in materials, models, scripts, etc., are recognized automatically. No other runtime environment (Steam, Java, etc.) are needed.

Therefore Map Analyst is an ideal substitute for bspzip.

Manual included in the zip file.

After the latest update in october, in complex map often one get an CRC-error after doing buildcubemaps and packing all custom files. And there are dark shadows in models. A workaround is to make buildcubemaps on a copy of the BSP file and put all cubemap files into the original BSP. Map Analyst MAN can do that automatically for you! Just make a copy of your BSP with the name ends as the original BSP. If you have a BSP called 'de_video.bsp' you can name the copy 'xxx_de_video.bsp'. Than you have to do buildcubemaps on that copy. In MAN you have to activate 'Fix Cubemaps' in the option menu. Now you can pack your custom files in the original BSP and MAN will take all the cubemap file of the copy into the original. So, the BSP is still version 19, but have the cubemaps of version 20.

-> download CRC-error patch