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Mani Admin Plugin is easily the most widely used Administration Plugin used in Source multiplayer games. It works as a go-between between the user and RCON, so that instead of using "kick <name>" in RCON after logging in, the user can type "@kick <name>" in chat, for example.

Plugin Abilities

Admin Abilities

Accept Vote Admin Chat Admin Say Admin Skins Basic Admin Beacon Blind

Burn CExec CExec Menu Cancel Vote Cash Config Console Question Vote

Create Clients and Accesses Drop C4 Drug Explode Firebomb Freeze Freeze Bomb

Gimp Give Item Health Kick Ma Rates Map Change Map Vote

Menu Question Vote Menu RCon Vote Mute No Clip Mode Non Permanent Ban Per Player Gravity Permanent Ban

Private Say RCon Say RCon RCon Menu Level 1 RCon Menu Level 2 RCon Menu Level 3 RCon Vote

Random Map Vote Reset All Ranks Restrict Weapons Set Client Flags Set Skin Colour Set Skins Slay

Slap Sound Spray Tag Tracking Swap Player Teleport Time Bomb War

Admin Immunities

AFK Manager Balance Team Ban Beacon Blind Burn CExec Color Drug Fire Bomb Force Autojoin Freeze Freeze Bomb Ghost Gimp Give Item Kick Mute Name Tag Kick Per Player Gravity Ping Reserved Skin Reserved Slot Kick Set Skin Slap Slay Swap Player Teleport Time Bomb

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