Making Icons and Integrating

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Making an icon for your mod

Steam Library
Desktop and Enlarged

For the icon of your mod there are two places it can be displayed: In your steam library and on your desktop. (right)

To make your icon you will need either

Making the Steam Library Icon

  • The first thing you need to do is make a sqaure 512px image.
  • Next create your icon. (try copying the example as a placeholder)
  • Copy the image, and size it down to 32px
  • Ctrl+S to Save the 32px image as a tga in "\steamapps\sourcemods\MODNAME\resource" as "icon.tga"

Next open your gameinfo.txt located in "sourcemods\MODNAME" It should look something like this:

	game	"My First HL2MP Mod"
	title	"HALF+LIFE'"
	title2	"deathmatch mod"
	type multiplayer_only
	nomodels 0
	nohimodel 1
	nocrosshair 1

Add this underneath

        "developer"		"YOURNAME"
        "developer_url"         "YOURWEBSITE"
	"icon"			"resource\icon"

Ctrl+S to save, and now restart steam and your icon should appear in the library


  • developer is the name of you or your company's name
  • developer_url is the you or your company's website, this is optional and if not entered will be replaced with developer
  • icon tells Steam where the icon can be found; In this case, in the resource folder: resource\game It should default to looking for icon.tga

Making the hl2.exe Icon

Note.png Note: You may need to restart your computer to be able to make the icon visible on your desktop
  • Take your 512px icon and save it as an interlaced .png
  • Find a .ico converting website and make convert the .png to .ico
  • Download and save the .ico in "\steamapps\sourcemods\MODNAME\resource" as "game.ico"

Now you can RMB the mod in your steam library and create a desktop shortcut