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Metastasis 1 screenshot - click to enlarge
Metastasis 1 screenshot - click to enlarge
Metastasis 2 screenshot - click to enlarge
Metastasis 2 screenshot - click to enlarge


Pervasive. Literary. Brutal. Experimental.

MINERVA is not a conventional modification, but instead is an ongoing, episodic series of single-player Half-Life 2 maps. The first three maps, Metastasis, are currently under development by Adam Foster, with the first map released on 2nd September 2005 and the second on 3rd March 2006.

The maps are linked by a common plotline, based in the Half-Life 2 universe but with ... extensions. Significantly influenced by games such as the Marathon and System Shock series, each map will feature enigmatic directions and instructions from an unknown third party, continuous with the well-received Half-Life 1 map Someplace Else.


NOTE: The download for Metastasis 2 includes the map for Metastasis 1. There's no need to first go download the original.

  • Metastasis 2 download - this script should automatically select a mirror site for you, and currently has unlimited bandwidth available. No more queues or subscription download sites!
  • BitTorrent download - for peer-to-peer fans. Potentially faster than the mirror system above.

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