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Save file as ge_luamanager.h See also: LuaManager.cpp

///////////// Copyright © 2008 LodleNet. All rights reserved. /////////////
//   Project     : Server
//   File        : ge_luamanager.h
//   Description :
//      [TODO: Write the purpose of ge_luamanager.h.]
//   Created On: 3/5/2009 4:58:58 PM
//   Created By:  <mailto:[email protected]>

#ifdef _WIN32
#pragma once

extern "C"
   #include <lua.h>
   #include <lauxlib.h>
   #include <lualib.h>

#include <vector>

inline void CallLUA(lua_State *L, int iV1, int iV2, int iV3, const char* pszFunc = "")
	// iV1 = # Arguments pushed onto the stack, DO NOT INCLUDE THE FUNCTION!
	// iV2 = # returns to push onto the stack
	// iV3 = Where to store the error
	if (lua_pcall(L, iV1, iV2, iV3) != 0) 
        Warning("[LUA-ERR] Error running function \"%s\": %s\n", pszFunc, lua_tostring(L, -1));
		lua_pop(L, 1);

#define REG_FUNCTION_GLOBAL( name )			\
	extern int lua##name(lua_State *L);	\
	lua_register(L, # name , lua##name );

#define REG_FUNCTION( name )				\
	extern int lua##name(lua_State *L);	\
	lua_register(GetLua(), # name , lua##name );

#define LG_DEFINE_INT(_name,_value) \
	lua_pushinteger(GetLua(),_value); lua_setglobal(GetLua(), _name);
#define LG_DEFINE_STRING(_name,_value) \
	lua_pushstring(GetLua(),_value); lua_setglobal(GetLua(), _name);
#define LG_DEFINE_BOOL(_name,_value) \
	lua_pushboolean(GetLua(),_value); lua_setglobal(GetLua(), _name);

#define LG_DEFINE_INT_GLOBAL(_name,_value) \
	lua_pushinteger(L,_value); lua_setglobal(L, _name);
#define LG_DEFINE_STRING_GLOBAL(_name,_value) \
	lua_pushstring(L,_value); lua_setglobal(L, _name);
#define LG_DEFINE_BOOL_GLOBAL(_name,_value) \
	lua_pushboolean(L,_value); lua_setglobal(L, _name);

#define MAX_EVENT_STRING 255

// Structure to define an event function that the game mode's LUA file
// uses to override default functions for gameplay
struct EventFunc_s
	EventFunc_s(int id, const char* pszName) 
		iEventID = id;
		pszFunc = new char[MAX_EVENT_STRING];
		Q_strcpy(pszFunc, pszName);
	int		iEventID;
	char*	pszFunc;

//This maps a string definition to a ID (must match above)
typedef struct
	int			iEventID;
	const char	*pszEvent;
} LuaEvent_t;

class LuaHandle

	virtual void Init()=0;
	virtual void Shutdown()=0;

	virtual void RegFunctions()=0;
	virtual void RegGlobals()=0;

	void InitDll();
	void ShutdownDll();

	lua_State* GetLua(){return pL;}

	//this needs to be called in the child class constructor
	void Register();
	bool m_bLuaLoaded;
	bool m_bStarted;
	lua_State *pL;

class CGELUAManager

	virtual void InitDll();
	void InitHandles();

	virtual void ShutdownDll();
	void ShutdownHandles();

	void RegisterLuaHandle(LuaHandle* handle);
	void DeRegisterLuaHandle(LuaHandle* handle);

	void InitLUA();
	void CloseLUA();

	std::vector<LuaHandle*> m_vHandles;
	bool m_bInit;

extern CGELUAManager* GELua();