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logic_auto is a point entity available in all Source games.

Entity description

Logic auto.png

It fires outputs immediately after a map loads, unlike most other entities that wait for input first. It can be set to check a global state before firing, which allows you to fire events based on what took place in a previous map.

If the "Remove on fire" flag is set, the logic_auto is deleted after firing. Delayed outputs will still work, however.

Warning.png Warning: Attempting to directly access or modify the player may cause Access Violation errors, because the outputs are fired before the player has spawned. Adding a slight time delay may overcome this.


Global State to Read <choices>
If set, this specifies a global state to check before firing. The OnMapSpawn output will only fire if the global state is set.
Value Description
--- None ---
gordon_precriminal Gordon pre-criminal
antlion_allied Antlions are player allies
suit_no_sprint Suit sprint function not yet enabled
super_phys_gun Super phys gun is enabled
friendly_encounter Friendly encounter sequence (lower weapons, etc.)
gordon_invulnerable Gordon is invulnerable
no_seagulls_on_jeep Don't spawn seagulls on the jeep
is_console Game is running on a console
is_pc Game is running on a PC


  • 1 : Remove on fire


Fired when the map is loaded for any reason including saves.
Fired when the map is loaded to start a new game.
Fired when the map is loaded from a saved game.
Fired when the map is loaded due to a level transition.
Fired when the map is loaded as a background to the main menu.
Fired only in multiplayer, when a new map is loaded.
Fired only in multiplayer, when a new round is started. Only fired in multiplayer games that use round-based gameplay.
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