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Here is a list of soundscapes for use in Team Fortress 2. An easy way of testing them is to use the playsoundscape console command, which includes limited searching for soundscape names so you shouldn't have to print out a copy of this list for reference. Some sounds that are prominent when you use the playsoundscape command may not be so overbearing in a custom soundscape.


Name Description and Notes
tf2.respawn_room Faint sounds of machinery whirring in the distance, and occasional locker room sounds.
tf2.general_ambient Normal, quite ambient, with outdoor and indoor sounds combined in the distance.


Name Description and Notes Position Number Position Description
2fort.Underground A less noisy version of Underground2. Small beeps and occasional machinery whirs can be heard. 0 Machine Hum
1 Computer Tape
2 Computer Working
3 Computer Tape 2
4 Command Center
5 Printer
2fort.Underground2 A stronger version of Underground1. More beeps, computer modem crackling, and deep machine ambience can be heard. Same as Underground1
2fort.OutdoorPond Water moving along with crickets to accommodate the sounds. 0 Misc Cows/Birds
1 Train Engine Idle
2 Engine Idle
2fort.OutdoorFort Birds chirping and occasional farm equipment sounds. 0 Misc Cows/Birds
1 Factory Outdoor
2fort.Indoor Same as OutDoorFort, however deeper in ambience, and more wood creaking sounds.


Name Description and Notes
Badlands.DeepInside Echoing rocks hitting the ground, while small machinery sounds in the distance.
Badlands.Inside Same as outside, except the sounds from the outside sound more echoed, and slight machinery whirs.
Badlands.Outside Soup cans rattling from the wind, and occasional dog barking including wind.


Name Description and Notes
Dustbowl.Outdoors Crickets chirping, and sounds of wind through low pass areas. Also some minor wood creaking.
Dustbowl.Indoors Same as above, but has a more echo feeling, and occasional rocks falling.


Name Description and Notes
Granary.Outside Machine humming but with a slight echo, and occasional squeaks.
Granary.Inside Machine humming.


Name Description and Notes
GravelPit.Outside Same as Granary Outside.
GravelPit.Inside Machine humming.


Name Description and Notes
Hydro.Outside Same as Granary and GravelPit Outside.
Hydro.Inside Machine humming with slight machine whirs in the background.


Note:Applies to Ctf_Well, and CP_well
Name Description and Notes
Well.DeepInside A deep version of the Normal Machine Humming, with very faint beeps.
Well.Inside A quieter version of Well's Deep Inside. Also, there are no beeping sounds.
Well.Outside Sounds of the Ocean in the distance and faint Machine humming.


Name Description and Notes
Goldrush.DeepInside A loud buzzing sound mixed with machinery humming.
Goldrush.Inside Sounds of wind flowing through the insides of buildings, along with faint metal clanking.
Goldrush.Outside Sounds of wind, and a bird cawing in the distance.


Name Description and Notes
Lumberyard.Inside Very quiet, ambient indoors noise.
Lumberyard.Outside Birds chirping, along with some wind.


Name Description and Notes
Sawmill.DeepInside Very quiet, ambient indoors noise.
Sawmill.Inside Distant rain, lights buzzing.
Sawmill.InsideNoLights Distant rain, some thunder.
Sawmill.InsideWaterfall Distant rain, splashing water.
Sawmill.Outside Rain and wind.


Name Description and Notes
Barnblitz.Inside Very quiet, ambient indoors noise.
Barnblitz.Outside Heavy wind whirring, snow.

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