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| confetti || Confetti dropping effect, children collide with ground || confetti
| confetti || Confetti dropping effect || confetti
| papers_suction || Confetti being sucked from CP #0 to CP #1 || confetti
| papers_suction || Confetti being sucked from CP #0 to CP #1 || confetti

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General Particles

Particle Name Description PCF
burning_gib_01(b) fire_01
embers_large_(01/02) fire_01
embers_medium_(01/03) fire_01
embers_small_01 fire_01
env_fire_* Various particles for env_fire entity. fire_01
fire_jet_(01/02) Large jet of fire, with smoke. fire_01
fire_jet_01_flame Large jet of fire. fire_01
huge_flames Large patch of fire. fire_01
turret_burning_gib_01 Fire and smoke, attached to turret gibs. fire_01
turret_smoke_gib(1/2) Smoke, attached to turret gibs. fire_01
burning_character Small flames, used for when a player is set on fire. burning_fx
combine_ball_bounce Impact effect for combine balls/high energy pellet. weapon_fx_hl2
slime_splash_(01/02/03) Impact effects for slime. water_impact
water_splash_(01/02/03) Impact effects for water. water_impact
water_wash Large slow patch of water fading out after 6 to 7 seconds. water_impact
rain rain_fx
rain_outer rain_fx
rain_storm rain_fx
sprinkler_funnel Mist and short water jet downwards. rain_fx
sprinkler_jet Small jet of water shooting out sidewards. rain_fx
sprinkler_ring Large ring of sprinklers, water falling far. rain_fx
big_dust Large puff of dust. impact_fx
dust_concrete_big impact_fx
dust_tile_big impact_fx
glados_spark_01_small impact_fx
impact_asphalt impact_fx
impact_brick impact_fx
impact_cardboard impact_fx
impact_carpet impact_fx
impact_clay impact_fx
impact_cloth impact_fx
impact_concrete impact_fx
impact_dirt impact_fx
impact_electronic impact_fx
impact_generic impact_fx
impact_glass impact_fx
impact_grass impact_fx
impact_leaves impact_fx
impact_metal impact_fx
impact_mud impact_fx
impact_paper impact_fx
impact_physics_dust impact_fx
impact_physics_sparks impact_fx
impact_plaster impact_fx
impact_plastic impact_fx
impact_puddle impact_fx
impact_ricochet impact_fx
impact_rock impact_fx
impact_rubber impact_fx
impact_sand impact_fx
impact_sheetrock impact_fx
impact_steam impact_fx
impact_tile impact_fx
impact_turret_break impact_fx
impact_upholstery impact_fx
impact_water impact_fx
impact_wet impact_fx
impact_wood impact_fx
mon_short impact_fx
mon_short_big impact_fx
mon_short_initial impact_fx
realy_big_dust [sic] It's a really big explosion of dust. impact_fx
robot_fist_pound impact_fx

Portal 1 Particles

Particle Name Description PCF
muzzle_portalgun_SFM High quality muzzleflash. portal_projectile
portal_1_projectile_stream Mid-air blue portal projectile from Portal 1 portal_projectile
portal_1_success Blue expanding partiles on portal success. portal_projectile
portal_2_success Orange expanding partiles on portal success. portal_projectile
portal_badsurface portal_projectile
portal_projectile_ball portal_projectile
portal_success portal_projectile
portal_weapon_cleanser portal_projectile
Cleanser_edge_1 Edges of original emancipation grill. cleansers
portal_cleanser Blue paricles moving along one axis, used for original emancipation grill. cleansers
human_cleanser(_cheap) Neurotoxin venting. cleansers
fire_incinerator_base fire_01_portal
fire_incinerator_constant_end01 fire_01_portal
fire_incinerator_constant_end02 fire_01_portal
fire_incinerator_constant_smoke fire_01_portal
fire_incinerator_door fire_01_portal
fire_incinerator_window_warp fire_01_portal
fire_large_02 Combination of _warp, _base, _fillers and smoke. Has missing textures in Portal 2. fire_01_portal
fire_ploom_01 Jet of fire shooting upwards then fading quickly. fire_01_portal
broken_tube_blow Jet of dust shooting outwards. tubes
broken_tube_suck Jet of dust being sucked inwards. tubes
broken_tube_suck_b Strange dust particles being sucked downwards. tubes
broken_tube_suck_near tubes
broken_tube_suck_ring tubes
moon_glint Ping when portal is shot at moon. enviroment
water_mist_1024_512 1024x512 unit area of green mist. enviroment
water_mist_256 256x256 unit area of green mist. enviroment
water_mist_512 512x512 unit area of green mist. enviroment
water_upjet Splash where jet underwater breaks the surface. enviroment


blood_impact.pcf - Unable to open with Alien Swarm.

Portal 2 Particles

Particle Name Description PCF
portal_fake Outline of blue portal. portals
portal_fake_b Outline of red portal. portals
portal_particles portals
ping_commentary Base for the Portal 2 ping effect. portal2_coop_ping_effect
laser_relay_powered Small red ball used in laser emitters, relays and catchers. laser_relay_effects
cleanser_scanline projected_wall
projected_wall_impact Small beam of light used where light bridges impact walls projected_wall
dust_glass_collapse_(01/02) Dust effect embedded in glass breaking animations. dust_fx
dust_panel_eject_(01/02) Dust effect for panels ejecting. dust_fx
drip_stream_01 Dripping water, impact effect at Ctrl Pt #1 drip_fx
tractor_beam_core tractor_beam_fx
tractor_beam_arm tractor_beam_fx
turret_coop_explosion Explosion with turret gibs robot_fx
bot_death_B_gib Explosion with gibs robot_fx
bot_death_B_gib_fallback Explosion with gibs robot_fx
bot_fling_trail robot_fx
bot_fling_trail_legs robot_fx
coop_gun_spawn_steam / coop_spawntube_steam Steam effect lasting 3 seconds. robot_fx
coop_robot_talk_light_(orange/blue) Light effect on bot arials when talking. robot_fx
hi-five_success_01 Flash and sparks, for a successful hi-five robot_fx
robot_impact Smoke and sparks, used on impact with a wall robot_fx
robot_point_beam(_b) Beam used between player and target when pinging robot_fx
dissolve Dissolve effect spark_fx
cable_spark_6 spark_fx
discouragement_beam_sparks Sparks for laser impact point spark_fx
env_sparks_* Various particles used for env_spark entity. spark_fx
bomb_trail Red trail effect for unused bomb model. exploding_futbol
portalgun_beam_bolding_TP Portalgun holding effect, three control points. portalgun
portalgun_muzzleflash Portalgun muzzle flash. portalgun
portalgun_top_light_firstperson Beam effect inside portalgun viewmodel. portalgun


Particle Name Description PCF
confetti Confetti dropping effect confetti
papers_suction Confetti being sucked from CP #0 to CP #1 confetti
case_bubbles Bubbles raising from CP #0 enviromental_fx
Dust_Ceiling_Rumble_256Line Dust dropping in a 256 unit long line enviromental_fx
sparks_generic_random Quick burst of sparks enviromental_fx
paint_cleanser Unused red version of classic fizzler. paint_fizzler
paint_splat_bounce_01 Impact effect for blue paint. paint_splats_fx
paint_splat_erase_01 Impact effect for white paint. paint_splats_fx
paint_splat_speed_01 Impact effect for orange paint. paint_splats_fx
paint_splat_stick_01 Impact effect for unused purple paint. paint_splats_fx
paint_vent_white White paint spraying paint_splats_fx
boomer_vomit_screeneffect Paint covering screen used when player touches paint blobs. player_paint_effects
boomer_vomit_survivor player_paint_effects
paint_bomb_bounce Explosion of blue paint. paint_bomb_fx
paint_bomb_erase Explosion of white paint. paint_bomb_fx
paint_bomb_speed Explosion of orange paint. paint_bomb_fx
paint_bomb_stick Explosion of purple paint. paint_bomb_fx


Particle Name Description PCF
electrical_arc_01_parent Electrical arc, 2x CPs. scene_fx
glados_arc_head_(01/02) Various arcs, 5x CPs. scene_fx
glados_box_eject Smoke, sparks and splash, 5 CPs. scene_fx
glados_chest_drag scene_fx
glados_head_drag scene_fx
glados_neck_drag scene_fx
glados_platform_glass_bits Quick dust puff with glass shards. scene_fx
glados_stream_(01/02/03) Various water streams, slowly fading out. 01 has 2 CPs, 02 has 2 CPs and 03 has 1 CP. scene_fx
cutting_arm_laser Laser with sparks. Laser is red beam between CP #1 and CP #2. Sparks emitting from CP #2. laser_relay_2
toxin_big_burst Big green burst of smoke. laser_relay_2
toxin_leak_a Green smoke venting for 8 seconds. laser_relay_2
toxin_leak_b Small green puff. laser_relay_2


Particle Name Description PCF
BR_cardoor_hit Impact, smoke and rocks. br_train_effects
BR_dust_particles_in_light Floating dust particles. br_train_effects
BR_embers_large_dn br_train_effects
BR_embers_large_up br_train_effects
br_explosion_fluid_1 Explosion with directional streaks coming out, lingering smoke. br_train_effects
br_explosion_in_train Small explosion. br_train_effects
br_fire_jet_main Constant jet of fire. br_train_effects
br_fire_line Small wide patch of fire. br_train_effects
br_fire_line(_small) Small wide patch of fire. br_train_effects
br_fire_very_tiny Very small patch of fire. br_train_effects
br_hanging_light_beam_1 Light sprite with beam. br_train_effects
BR_monstercar_gas_hit_once Quick impact, dust shooting high and fading quickly. br_train_effects
BR_monstercar_gas_idle Quick impact, dust shooting high with smoke lingering at base briefly. br_train_effects
br_screen_hit_quick Sharp red edges covering screen, flash of red. br_train_effects
br_sky_star Small white still particle. br_train_effects
br_train_window_break Quick puff of smoke with falling dust. br_train_effects
BR_traincrash_hit_dust_670x100 Dust jumping up from floor in 670x100 unit area. br_train_effects
BR_traincrash_hit_dust_670x100_top Dust dropping from roof in 670x100 unit area. br_train_effects
br_window_lightbeam br_train_effects
BR_wreck_smoke_512_512(_bright) Smoke slowly rising from ground in 512x512 unit area. br_train_effects
BR_wreck_smoke_512_512_in_sky 512x512 unit of smoke drifting to side. br_train_effects
steam_long Long jet of steam including droplets. br_train_effects