List of Portal 2 Movies

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[Portal 2] This is a list of all available Bink videos of Portal 2.

Including these in your own maps

See vgui_movie_display for implementation and tips.

Elevator panels

File name Description Image
animalking.bik The animal-king invades the UN.
aperture_appear_horiz.bik A waving man walking on a stripe, then falling down slowly.
Aperture appear horiz.jpg
Aperture appear vert.jpg
bluescreen.bik Molten core bluescreen.
exercises_horiz.bik Evacuation training reminder with marching people.
Exercises horiz.jpg
Exercises vert.jpg
faithplate.bik Aerial Faith Plate demonstration.
fizzler.bik Emancipation Grid demonstration.
hard_light.bik Hard Light Surface demonstration.
Hard light.jpg
laser_danger_horiz.bik Demonstration of the fatal effects of a laser beam.
Laser danger horiz.jpg
Laser danger vert.jpg
laser_portal.bik Thermal Discouragement Beam demonstration.
Laser portal.jpg
plc_blue_horiz.bik Reminder to remain calm.
Plc blue horiz.jpg
Plc blue vert.jpg
turret_colours_type.bik Turret case option slide.
Turret colours type.jpg
turret_dropin.bik Some turrets falling down and deploying.
Turret dropin.jpg
turret_exploded_grey.bik Insight of a turret.
Turret exploded grey.jpg

Single-player story

File name Description Image
menu_act01.bik Glados lying in decay
Menu act01.jpg
menu_act02.bik Turret manufacturing line
Menu act02.jpg
menu_act03.bik Ruins outside condemned testing area
Menu act03.jpg
menu_act04.bik View from a rebuilt test chamber, including a Frankenturret
Menu act04.jpg
menu_act05.bik Wheatly and space core in space
Menu act05.jpg
sp_30_a4_finale5.bik Elevator ride before credits, opera and field included
Sp 30 a4 finale5.jpg
sp_a5_credits.bik Space background
Sp a5 credits.jpg
sp_credits_bg.bik BG used for the credits song, song and credits text not included, intended for looping
Sp credits bg.jpg
sp_ending_callback.bik Wheatly feeling sorry in space, coming from the credits
Sp ending callback.jpg

Co-op story

File name Description Image
coop_black_screen.bik Empty black screen.
coop_bluebot_load.bik Animated schematics of Atlas, used for the coop loading screen.
Coop bluebot load.jpg
coop_bots_load.bik Bot walking cycle, used for the coop loading screen.
Coop bots load.jpg
coop_bots_load_wave.bik Bot waving demonstration, used for the coop loading screen.
Coop bots load wave.jpg
coop_bts_blueprints.bik Laserdisc content.
Coop bts blueprints.jpg
coop_bts_powergrid_01.bik Laserdisc content.
Coop bts powergrid 01.jpg
coop_bts_powergrid_02.bik Laserdisc content.
Coop bts powergrid 02.jpg
coop_bts_radar.bik Laserdisc content.
Coop bts radar.jpg
coop_bts_radar_1.bik Laserdisc content.
Coop bts radar 1.jpg
coop_bts_radar_2.bik Laserdisc content.
Coop bts radar 2.jpg
coop_bts_security.bik Laserdisc content.
Coop bts security.jpg
coop_bts_security_01.bik Laserdisc content.
Coop bts security 01.jpg
coop_bts_security_02.bik Laserdisc content.
Coop bts security 02.jpg
coop_intro.bik Co-op intro video.
Coop intro.jpg
coop_orangebot_load.bik Animated schematics of P-body, used for the coop loading screen.
Coop orangebot load.jpg
coop_outro.bik Co-op outro video. Credits excluded.
Coop outro.jpg
insert_disk.bik "INSERT DISC" message of the laserdisc player.
Insert disk.jpg


File name Description Image
aperture_logo.bik Aperture Laboratories logo on a brown background.
Aperture logo.jpg
attract01.bik Co-operational testing initiative promotional video
attract02.bik Single player promotional video
attract_boots.bik Boots promotional video
attract_bot_trust.bik Bot trust promotional video
attract_panels.bik Panels promotional video
attract_turrets.bik Turrets promotional video
e1912_end.bik Super 8 title card
valve.bik "Open your mind" logo and legal notices, slightly different for each platform.
Valve intro.jpg
valve_portal2_fp.bik Broken video. Similar to coop_black_screen.bik, but contains a 256 bytes long hexadecimal string.