List of Left 4 Dead entities

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This page lists all entities which are new or updated in Left 4 Dead.




  • func_button - Updated to give a target object an edge glow when facing the button and within +use range.
  • func_detail_blocker - When touching a displacement, this entity prevents detail props from being displayed. Useful for creating paths in heavy detailed areas.
  • func_nav_blocker - Blocks bot navigation.
  • func_orator - Something to do with interactable speech objects? (Point entity)
  • func_playerinfected_clip - Blocks infected from accessing an area in versus mode.
  • func_precipitation - Updated with a new rain and cinder effect.
  • func_precipitation_blocker - Blocks func_precipitation effects?
  • func_simpleladder - Similar to func_ladder, but uses trigger texture? Three keyvalues names (normal.x, normal.y, normal.z) interfere with the .fgd. (This ladder entity has a team property. It can be found in versus mode. Team = 1 is presumed survivor, team = 2 is infected)
  • fog_volume - Used to control postprocess fog effects? Used with an env_fog_controller.



  • light_directional - A dynamic light_environment or env_sun of sorts? Currently unsupported by VRAD.
  • light_spot - Updated to optionally cast dynamic shadows?





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