List of L4D2 Campaign Music

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In order to introduce music in a map, change the worldspawn properties:

  1. Open Hammer
  2. Open the map
  3. Click the Map menu and then select Map Properties... to open the worldspawn properties

Mission type of Music

Select Start Music Type and enter your value:

Type Value
Start of Campaign (First Mission) Mission Start
Other Missions (Second, Third... Finale) Check Point

List of Music

The Music Post-Fix String can either come from official soundscripts or a custom one.

Select Music Post-Fix String and enter your value:

Campaign Code of Music
Default [L4D2] The Parish Waterfront
[L4D2] Dead Center Mall
[L4D2] Dark Carnival Fairgrounds
[L4D2] Swamp Fever Plankcountry
[L4D2] Hard Rain Milltown
[L4D2] The Parish BigEasy
[L4D2 DLC1] The Passing DeadLight
[L4D2 DLC1] The Passing Finale ThePassing
[L4D2 DLC2] The Sacrifice Sacrifice
[L4D2 DLC2] No Mercy NoMercy
[L4D2 DLC3] Crash Course Garage
[L4D2 DLC3] Death Toll SmallTown
[L4D2 DLC3] Dead Air Airport
[L4D2 DLC3] Blood Harvest Farm
[L4D2 DLC3] Cold Stream ColdStream
[L4D2 DLC4] The Last Stand Lighthouse

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