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Here is a list of 245 soundscapes for use in Half-Life 2. An easy way of testing them is to use the playsoundscape console command, which includes limited searching for soundscape names so you shouldn't have to print out a copy of this list for reference.

Soundscapes with 'util' in the name are intended for inclusion in other, full soundscapes. While they should work without problems in-game, they generally aren't nearly as varied or deep as the resulting composites.

Others have positional sounds which will be played at certain locations specified in the env_soundscape entity's properties. If these locations are not given, the sounds will not be heard. The list below will in time be upgraded to include descriptions of each soundscape's positional components if present.

Soundscapes with positional information are indicated by the prefix [POS]. These soundscapes were tested in a 1024 x 1024 x 1024 closed chamber, with the soundscape at the center, the player near the center and the eight directional markers in a circle with a radius of 512 around the soundscape and player. Marker 0 is at the left of the player (his nine o'clock), at player height; Marker 1 at a left 45 degree angle; Marker 2 dead ahead (12 o'clock); Marker 4 to the right of the player (three o'clock), and so on around the circle. After testing from the center, the player is walked in a circle through the markers to detect local sounds.

Generic and Test

Name Description and Notes
Nothing No DSP, no ambients
Automatic Automatic dsp at 50% mix
automatic_dialog dsp "1" dsp_volume "0.5"
e3_Techdemo_02 'Physics room'
e3_Techdemo_05 Dripping cave ambient
e3_Techdemo_06 Lake
GenericIndoor Electric hum
GenericOutdoor Same hum, but quieter
Cabin [POS] General: medium-low sound of fire burning or rumbling; soft clicking; a slightly louder four-tick rhythm followed by a release or exhaust sound (ahuugha). Position 0: faint banjo-like music and indistinct singing. Position 1: a regular melodious whirring sound, like a small engine trying to start or a sump pump kicking in.
cabin_outdoor [POS] No pronounced directional effects. Faint ambient white noise or rumble with occasional bird twittering. In the background, a faint but noticeable medium low sound that regularly builds up and then drops off before beginning again: wwwwwwwwwwwww - enuu.
test_tvset Music coming from a TV set

Train Station and City 17

Name Description and Notes
d1_trainstation.util_city Distant sounds of trains, cars, helicopters and other aircraft. APC and city alarm sounds. All of the above plus a steady uproar in the background.
d1_trainstation.Platform Loud and static hissing sound, city sounds barely audible in the background.
d1_trainstation.Turnstyle Similar to but city sounds less audible. Loud, flat whine and an occasional blip.
d1_trainstation.Interrogation Mixed uproar of the surrounding city and
d1_trainstation.TerminalSquare Similar to d1_trainstation.Turnstyle.
d1_trainstation.QuietCourtyard Same as above but the tumult is quieter.
d1_trainstation.Occupants Footsteps, clinging dishes, coughs, creaking floors and doors, distant rumbles, no background noise.
d1_trainstation.AppartmentCourtyard Above mixed to city sounds.
d1_trainstation.Appartments Door knocking, breaking plates, woman screams and man grunts like being hit.
d1_trainstation.RaidCityvoice Cityvoice: Failure to cooperate will result in permanent offworld relocation.
d1_trainstation.RaidOccupants Breaking glass and boxes and knocking on door.
d1_trainstation.RaidAppartments Knocks on doors, PA woman asking citizens to assume inspection positions, people chattering nervously, breaking glass, man shouting, PA stating city block suspected to contain infection.
general.concrete_quiet Semi-loud hum of moving air.

PA announcements for City 17

Name Description and Notes
cityvoice_level0 PA system invokes unrest procedures, requests player id
cityvoice_level1 Player is evading capture, cops are summoned
cityvoice_level2 Player convicted of civil disruption, city block on alert
cityvoice_level3 Player convicted of anticivil activity, city block punished
cityvoice_level4 Citizenship revoked, cops fire at will
cityvoice_level5 City looking for player
city_searching_level1 City background noise with helicopters and alarm sounds.
city_searching_level2 Same as above.
city_searching_level3 Same as above.


Name Description and Notes
d1_canals.util_windgusts Wind gusts.
d1_canals.util_drips Water dripping.
d1_canals.util_fardrips Water dripping a bit further away, with interior echo.
d1_canals.util_headcrab_canister Strong hissing noise.
d1_canals.util_shoreline Sounds of small waves hitting shore.
d1_canals_tunnel01 Constant sound of what sounds like a train in the distance, PA system announcing unidentified citizen and ordering CP to investigate, city alarm sounds.
d1_canals_citystart City sounds, trains horning close by,

PA system announcing unidentified citizen and ordering CP to investigate, city alarm sounds.

d1_canals_citadel Same as above but with occasional low, massive metallic noises.
d1_canals_traincanal City sounds, PA system announcing unidentified citizen and ordering CP to investigate, city alarm sounds.
d1_canals_traintunnel Same as above and a strong, low tunnelish rumble in the background.
d1_canals_watercanal Very faint city sounds, audible APC alarm, a helicopter, constant sounds of waving water and water masses hitting pontoons.
d1_canals_junkyard Similar to d1_canals_traincanal. Distant helicopter also.
d1_canals_copcanals Similar to d1_canals_traincanal plus water dripping and different PA announcement concerning evasion behaviour and alerts.
d1_truck_pass Quick, low noise. For use with other soundscapes.
d1_canals_barnacle_tunnel Wind gusts in a tunnel. Distant city noises and sirens. PA announcement charging the player with "socioendangerment level 1" and instructing CPs.
d1_canals_pipe_chamber Drips. Distant city noises and sirens. occasional helicopter fly-bys.
d1_canals_cop_alerted Similar to d1_canals_pipe_chamber. PA announcement charging player with "socioendangerment level 5".
d1_canals.heli_slide_tunnels Interior. Loud running water and drips close by. Distant PA, trucks and sirens.
d1_canals.heli_attack Exterior. Loud city noises. PA, helicopter, squeak of rapidly accelerating trucks.
d1_canals.drainroom Loud running water and industrial hum. Distant PA.
d1_canals.03copsattackthroughboards Exterior. City ambience. PA ("Individual, you are charged with..."), constant close helicopters left and right, occasional train and other traffic sounds, distant sirens.
d1_canals.03entrytunnel Interior, tunnel. Close frequent dripping sounds left, right and centre. PA ("Individual..."), distant helicopters left and right, occasional train horn, various distant sirens.
d1_canals.steamtunnel Interior. Continuous varying PA announcements ("Attention occupants..."), soft ambient industrial humming.
d1_canals.waterpuzzleroom Loud industrial hum. Drips. No PA.
d1_canals.util_birds Infrequent bird squawks.
d1_canals.util_critters Infrequent croaking noises.
d1_canals.util_tunnel_windgusts Occasional (infrequent) wind blowing through tunnel, varying pitches.
d1_canals.util_critters_under_docks Constant chirping as of a cricket (centre) with additional occasional croaking and chirping sounds left and right. Occasional shoreline noises.
d1_canals.util_toxic_slime Gurgling and hissing.
d1_canals.util_industrial Brief industrial ambience, elevated pitch, as of air passing through a small enclosed space such as a vent.
d1_canals.general_dripping_tunnel Numerous constant dripping sources, regular wind gusts of varying pitches, random panning of sounds.
d1_canals.general_windy_tunnel Loud, centred, continuous wind gust (fairly low-pitch), with occasional trees/plants rustling, and occasional additional wind gusts at different pans.
d1_canals.general_watery_tunnel Interior. Sound of continuously running rivulets of water in a cave/tunnel, occasional (frequent) additional drips, croaks and chirps at different pans.
d1_canals.general_watery_tunnel_shore As above with the sound of waves regularly breaking in a small rocky lagoon.
d1_canals.redbarn_ambience Hissing (of a headcrab canister?) Distant critters and creaks.
d1_canals.floodgate_base_ambience Interior. Loud continuous machine humming at centre, continuous beeping and buzzing to left, high-pitched drone to right, occasional mechanical sounds, plus beeping and electronic squeaks, to right.
d1_canals.floodgate_machineroom Looped machines droning as of a pump or motor.
d1_canals.shore_and_reeds Waves and occasional frog croaks/critter chirps and bird song. Occasional wind gusts. Notably quiet with no constant ambient wind noise.
d1_canals.spooky_infested_pipe Dripping at center-right with occasional eerie, modulating wind noise with stereo movement effect. Very rare critter chirps.
d1_canals.water_tunnel_with_frogs Constant sound of pipe draining into water, with waves breaking and constant, voluminous frog song.
d1_canals.windchimes_and_wind Constant wind whistling mixed with intermittent wind chime song.
canals_slime_outside Constant slime gurgling with random slime sounds inside a corridor.
canals_slime_tunnel Same as above.
canals_tunnel_dry Tunnel ambience.
canals_tunnel_wet Dripping sounds inside a tunnel.
canals_canal_nowater Birds and wind.
canals_canal_water Same as above only with water waves.
canals_canal_water_industrial Same as above only with machine rumbling.
canals_river Wind and water waves.
canals_river_calm Same as above but with crickets.
d1_canals_05_shanty_approach Continuous glutinous gurgling/boiling/bubbling sound to centre, plus random glutinous burping sounds, occasional wind gusts, hissing and water noises.
d1_canals_05_shanty Wind, headcrab canister ambience and constant steam sound.
d1_canals_07_entry_tunnel Water drips in a tunnel.
d1_canals_07a_warehouse Occasional creaking of wooden structures, repeated random high-pitched wind howling at varying pans, continuous sinister-sounding low-pitched modulated humming/droning sound.
d1_canals_08a_gun_tunnel_entrance Continuous running water sound, centre, plus sound of waves breaking, centre.
d1_canals_08a_puzzle_arena Waves breaking, infrequent chirping and wind noises.
d1_canals_08a_gun_scene [POS] No pronounced positional effects. Very faint low rumble, faint but regular sound of pump or other reciprocating mechanism (ah hooo e-clik!), and louder sharp intermittent dripping sounds that echo as if in a closed chamber.
d1_canals_08a_tunnel_exit [POS] No pronounced positional effects. A somewhat simpler version of d1_canals_08a_gun_scene, with the echoing, hollow rumble and the sound of a pump or other reciprocating mechanism (ah hooo e-clik!), perhaps a bit louder than in d1_canals_08a_gun_scene. No dripping or liquid sounds.
canals_canal_water_creaking_wood [POS] No pronounced positional effects. Very regular medium-low volume slosh of water with intermittent medium or low-volume wood creaks, the thin whistling of gusts of wind, and twittering and other calls from birds and insects.
canals_canal_water_creaking_metal [POS] No pronounced positional effects. Very regular medium-low volume slosh of water with intermittent medium or low-volume metal creaks, the thin whistling of gusts of wind, and twittering and other calls from birds and insects. The metal creaking seems somewhat more frequent and a bit louder than the wood creaks in canals_canal_water_creaking_wood.
d1_canals_08_entry_tunnel Loud water dripping inside a tunnel.
d1_canals_08_reservoir Loud constant water waves.
d1_canals_08_island [POS] Sound source at position of soundscape (that is, from Position 0 it appears to be to your right, from Position 4 it appears to be to your left, and so on). Running water, moderately loud, and rhythmic splashing, with very faint bird calls or other nature sounds.
d1_canals_08_base_interior [POS] No pronounced positional effects. The base sound is a constant high whirring and staticky crackle, with intermittent bursts of static, mechanical buzz-clicks, and low buzzes.

Kleiner's Lab and Black Mesa East

Name Description and Notes
K_lab.LabSounds Slime gurgling in a room with machines.
E3_lab.LabSounds Fluorescent lights in a laboratory with machines and music playing.
eli_01_lab_main_1 [POS] General: machine hum with glutinous dripping in an irregular pattern; regular low and rather indistinct sound of pressure escape. Position 0: gurgling is louder. Position 1: faint electrical beeping. Position 2: beeping; machine noise louder and more sonorous. Position 3, 4: lower resonant hum like a largish fan. Position 5, 6, 7: quieter except for ambient dripping and soft pressure escaping sounds.
eli_01_elevator_1 [POS] No pronounced positional effects. Low volume medium pitch machinery sound accompanied by a regularly recurring, almost bell-like hum: hwuuung - hwuuung - hwunng.
eli_01_upperhall_2 [POS] No pronounced positional effects. Musical throbbing note, medium low, that reverberates three times (bwuung-weh-weh-weh), mixed with clinking noises that resemble kitchen sounds, occasional dripping, and a man coughing.
eli_01_upperhall_1 [POS] No pronounced positional effects. Low atmospheric rumble/wavering sound with the ahhhh-ho clik! of some slow pump or piston device in the background.
eli_01_lowerlab_hall_1 [POS] Slightly louder and more resonant version of eli_01_upperhall_2, with the sounds becoming a bit stronger and more "present" at Position 0. No other positional effects.
eli_01_lower_corridor_1 Corridor ambience.
eli_01_lower_ravenhall_1 Silent rumbling in a tunnel.
eli_01_lower_ravenhall_2 Many far away explosions.
eli_02_lowerlab_hall_1 Fluorescent light in a room with metal rumbling and shuffling.
eli_02_lower_corridor_1 Metal rumbling and shuffling in a corridor.
eli_02_ravenshaft_1 [POS] No pronounced positional effects. Windy, hollow low rumble with frequent background sounds half-way between the creak of metal and a zombie's scream.
eli_02_ravenshaft_2 Wood creaking, wind blowing and frequent drips of water in the outside.
eli_02_scrapyard_1 Outside ambience with no life.
eli_02_scrapyard_2 Same as above but with dull metal sounds.


Name Description and Notes
d1_town.Start Wind gusts, distant zombie howls and screams, 'drum beats'.
d1_town.Street Wind, metallic scrapes and bangs, distant and close-range zombie sounds. Feels much 'closer' than the previous.
d1_town.CorpseRoom [POS] No directional effects at the marker positions, but irregular buzz-throughs by an aggressive fly that makes an unusually sharp sound, as well as occasional softer bursts of squeaking from mice or rats. Pronounced echo.
d1_town.WoodBuilding Wooden creaks, rodent sounds.
d1_town.Rooftop [POS] No pronounced directional effects. Constant low rumble; gusts and whistles of wind. Irregular mixture of medium to low volume metallic creaks and groans, high and low scraping sounds, and chain link fence scraping and impacts.
d1_town.MineshaftDown Wind blowing, wood creaking, rumbling sounds and cave ambience.
d1_town.WaterCave Same as above, but with frequent water drops.
d1_town.HeadcrabCave Same as above but with metal creaks and the drops being distant.
d1_town.CaveTunnel Corridor ambience with rumbling sounds.

Coastline and Highway 17

Name Description and Notes
coast.util_headcrab_canister Silence with occasional bizarre Combine tech noise.
coast.util_metalstress Silence with occasional sounds of metal stress.
coast.util_shackmetal Silence with occasional quick squeeks from moving metal.
coast.util_crumblycliff Silence with sounds of crumbling landmasses.
coast.util_windgusts Silence with wind gusts.
coast.util_fardrips Silence with water dripping.
coast.util_birds Silence with occasional sounds of seagulls calling.
coast.util_lakeshoreline Waves breaking gently.
coast.util_shoreline Similar to above, but with what feels like much more massive waves.
coast.util_distant_shoreline Similar to above, but from a greater distace.
coast.util_antlion_den Antlions hissing.
coast.general_windy_tunnel Steady whine of wind in a tunnel and muffled sounds of waves crashing.
coast.general_tunnel Similar to above but quieter and with waterdrips mixed in.
coast.zombie_tunnel Steady, tunnelish sound and some occasional train sounds.
coast.general_oldwoodbuilding Wood stress, wind gusting, seagulls calling
coast.general_oldwoodbuilding_with_windchimes Same as above but with chimes.
coast.combine_controlroom_ambience Steady whine of Combine tech.
coast.general_shoreline Waves crashing, wind gusting, seagulls calling.
coast.positional_shoreline Similar to above, but closer by.
coast.shoreline_with_antlion_dens Similar to coast.general_shoreline, but with antlion sounds.
coast.bridge_ambient Wind blowing, seagulls calling.
coast.bridge_shack Same as above but quieter.
coast.cliffside A mix of coast.general_shoreline and coast.util_crumblycliff.
coast.bridge_concrete_room Muffled, distant wave sounds. Ideal for coastal buildings which aren't completely open to the elements.
coast.distant_shoreline Distant waves breaking, wind gusting and close-range antlion sounds.
coast.generic_ambient_01 Similar to above, but without the antlions.

Nova Prospekt

Name Description and Notes
prison.util_distantcombat_verylight Quiet ambience,occasionally the sound of a soldier dying, or gunfire
prison.util_distantcombat_light Identical to the soundscape above, just with more gunfire, and antlion hiss'
prison.util_distantcombat_heavy Clear sound of Combine Soldiers fighting Antlions - lots of gunfire and explosions
prison.util_antlion_burrows Sound of Antlions hissing and growling, waiting to ambush the enemy
prison.util_fardrips Far away drips.
prison.util_drips Same drips but closer.
prison.util_distant_trains Far away train horns.
prison.util_radio Random radio sounds.
prison.util_control_room Random machine sounds from a combine monitor.
prison.citizen_camp [POS] No pronounced positional effects. Outdoor gusts, low booming, and whistling of wind, dying away to silence before repeating after a few seconds.
prison.redlight_bunker Constant wind.
prison.outdoor_courtyard Wind with far away thumper sounds.
prison.outdoor_courtyard_hvycombat Same as above but with gun fire, soliders and antlions dying/attacking.
prison.trainstation Room ambience with occasional train horns.
prison.teleport_area Combine machine sounds in a big open room.
prison.control_room Combine beeping sounds with a fan in the background.
prison.control_room_simple Computer/combine console hum with centered combine soldier vocoder noise (as heard in nova propekt scripted radio transmissions), but no speech.
prison.combine_wall Loud ambience of the outside with explosion-like sounds.
prison.util_quiet_cellblock Relatively loud ambience, with fluorescent lighting hum, metal flutterings and scrapings. Utility, but works quite well on its own.
prison.util_louder_cellblock Slightly quieter ambience.
prison.larger_cellblock_vlightcombat Machine sounds and metal rumbling in a corridor.
prison.larger_cellblock_hvycombat Same as above but with soliders, gunfire and antlions.
prison.larger_cellblock_lightcombat Same as above but only with gunfire.
prison.general_hallway_lightcombat Hallway with antlions, grenades and soliders.
prison.general_hallway_vlightcombat Same as above but with no fights.
prison.general_dripping_tunnel A tunnel with water drips.
prison.hall_with_burrows Hallway with crickets and antlion burrowing sounds.
prison.electric_water_room Water flowing in a room with machines in it.
prison.laundry Loud, whooshing metallic machinery sounds.
prison.watery_hallway A lot of drips.
prison.showers Loud, fairly high-pitched water pipes and water dripping.
prison.zombie_infested Flies, distant drips, rats and deep, wind-like sounds.

War-torn City 17

Name Description and Notes
streetwar.util_combine_atmosphere Constant random wind gusts and machine-like sounds.
streetwar.util_rubble Random rubble falling off of somewhere.
streetwar.util_sirens Manhacks, cityscanners and APCs passing by.
streetwar.util_light_sirens Same as above but less frequent.
streetwar.util_zombie_infested Occasional buzzing flies and faint chirping birds.
streetwar.util_light_combat_atmosphere Random wind blows and metal ambiences, helicopters passing by.
streetwar.util_heavy_combat_atmosphere Same as above but more frequent.
streetwar.util_muffled_light_combat Thunder sounds.
streetwar.util_light_combat Rare gun fire, zombies, antlions and soliders.
streetwar.util_medium_combat Same as above but slightly more frequent.
streetwar.util_heavy_combat Same as above but more frequent.
streetwar.util_drips Water drips close up.
streetwar.util_fardrips Same as above but farther away.
streetwar.zombie_water_room Occasional buzzing flies and fairly loud dripping water.
streetwar.car_tunnel Tunnel with cars passing by and silent explosions happening rarely.
streetwar.general_small_tunnel Ambience of a small tunnel.
streetwar.car_tunnel_opensky Same as streetwar.car_tunnel but with outdoor sounds and fighting sounds.
streetwar.toxic_car_tunnel Same as streetwar.car_tunnel but with toxic slime gurgling.
streetwar.infested_appartments Flies, fighting sounds, metal creaking and rats in a house.
streetwar.general_indoor_light_combat Rare fighting from indoors.
streetwar.general_indoor_medium_combat Same as above, but slightly more frequent.
streetwar.general_indoor_heavy_combat Same as above, but more frequent.
streetwar.general_outdoor_light_combat Fighting sounds from outdoors with alarms.
streetwar.general_outdoor_medium_combat Same as above, but slightly more frequent.
streetwar.general_outdoor_heavy_combat Same as above, but more frequent.
streetwar.destroyed_concrete_building Fighting sounds, explosions, wind in a building with outdoor sounds in the background.
streetwar.rooftop_heavy_combat Many fighting sounds with an alarm in the background and wind on top of a roof.
streetwar.control_room Combine machines beeping.
streetwar.bank_control_room Same as above but with no beeping but instead just random machine sounds.
streetwar.bank_machine_room Steam, machine sounds, silent wind in a room full of pipes.
streetwar.bank_general A big room with silent wind and with silent fighting in the background.
e3_c17_01_battle Fire, silent alarm in the background, fighting sounds.
c17_02_street_lower_1 Wind, very silent alarm, fighting sounds.
c17_02_street_upper_1 Same as above but with explosions and louder fighting.
c17_02_street_upper_2 Same as above but with a louder alarm.
c17_02_inside_apartments_1 Random loud metal creaking in a room with fluorescent light.
streetwar.underground_manhack_tunnel Loud steam, water dripping, silent machines and high pitched 'stingers'.
streetwar.vertical_warehouse_arena Wind passing by.

Combine Citadel

Name Description and Notes
d3_citadel.silence_and_dialog Seems to mute all sounds (except dialogue, presumably). Could be useful for cutscenes when music is playing?
d3_citadel.util_hits Strange, machine-like sounds.
d3_citadel.util_activity Strider or gunship sounds.
d3_citadel.util_pods Strange machine passing by.
d3_citadel.deep_dropoff_inside Loud ambience with strange machine sounds and enemy sounds.
d3_citadel.pod_vista Very loud pods moving.
d3_citadel.generic Kind of silent Citadel ambience with no combat.
d3_citadel.generic_moody Fairly loud, near-musical Citadel ambience; no combat sounds
d3_citadel.generic_moody2 Quieter Citadel ambience; no combat sounds
d3_citadel.stasis_room [POS] Loud ambience with a stasis field at position 0 with another machine in the background.
d3_citadel.combine_ball_room Harmonical combine balls passing by with more Citadel ambience.
d3_citadel.general_control_room [POS] A combine console at position 0 with Citadel ambience in the background.
d3_citadel.alyx_teleport_control_room Various teleport-discharge sounds; machinery audible.
d3_citadel.final_portal_chamber Loud, somewhat windy machinery sounds; occasional teleporter discharge sounds.
d3_citadel.top_of_teleport_chamber High-pitched buzzing; city combat sounds audible.
d3_citadel_01.pipe_entrance Alarm sound with combat sounds and wind gusts.
d3_citadel_01.cliffside1 Metal creaking and loud wind with the city alarm in the background.
d3_citadel_01.citadel_entrance Same as above only silenter and with the citadel ambience slightly audible.
d3_citadel.breen_field Nearly the same as but with deep metal scraping sounds.
d3_citadel.breen_hall Computer humming.
d3_citadel.breen_office Deep vent sounds and occasional jet-like sounds and very very light combine marching sounds.