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Half-Life 2 Level Creation

Below is a list of 83 soundscapes for use in Episode Two.

Soundscapes with 'util' in the name are intended for inclusion in other, full soundscapes. An easy way of testing them is to use the playsoundscape console command, which includes limited searching for soundscape names so you shouldn't have to print out a copy of this list for reference.

Outland 1

Name Description Position Number Position Description
ep2_forest.util_windgusts Occasional thin wind snippets.
ep2_forest.util_shoreline Small waves hitting shore.
ep2_forest.util_small_river Small river with medium-paced running water. 0 River with running water.
1 River with running water.
ep2_forest.util_birds Multiple birds chirping and singing in a forest envionment once in a while.
ep2_forest.util_critters Random occational animal sounds including insect buzzing, birds chirping and woodpeckers.
ep2_forest.frogpond Distant or quiet water crashing with a constant sound of frogs, distant birds and other critters.
ep2_forest.small_river Trickling river with ambient birds and critter sounds.
ep2_forest.light_forest Random sounds of birds, critters and wind gusts.
ep2_traincrash.intro (Not used in the game) wrecked train area. Constant flow of water, crumbling rocks, wind gusts and frequent metal stress and groans. 0 Flowing and shoreline water sounds.
ep2_traincrash.vista_pre_bridgecrash (Not used in the game) citadel vista scene. Critical citadel portal ambience with wind snippets and a lot of metal groans coming from the bridge. 0 Citadel vortex, wind and thunder.
1 Various sounds of metal groans.
ep2_traincrash.vista_post_bridgecrash (Not used in the game) citadel vista scene after the bridge falls apart. Identical to above but without the metal groans. 0 Citadel vortex, wind and thunder.
ep2_caves.util_flies Buzzing flies.
ep2_caves.util_dist_grubs Infrequent cave echoing antlion grub sounds.
ep2_caves.util_dist_growls Not very often, echoing antlion and deep voiced crowls in the distant.
ep2_caves.util_dist_rumbles Random infrequent small but also very big sounding distant rock rumbles.
ep2_caves.util_tunnel Distant growls, antlion grubs and rock rumbling.
ep2_caves.util_drips Distant and up-close water dripping sounds.
ep2_caves.main_cavern Wind howling in wide open cave with antlion grubs, rock rumbles and occasional sounds of stressing metal supports.
ep2_caves.dropoff Similar to above with louder wind and no metal stress.
ep2_caves.quiet_tunnel Constant sounds of cave critters and occationally distant antlion grubs.
ep2_caves.cricket_tunnel Constant sound of crickets together with distant antlion grubs, growls and rock rumbles.
ep2_caves.nests_tunnel Constant echoing sound of cave critters, random distant grubs, growls and rock rumbles.
ep2_caves.large_tunnel Constant echoing sound of antlion grubs, growls plus rock rumbles.
ep2_caves.large_grub_cavern Similar to ep2_caves.nests_tunnel, but less echoing and with occasional flies buzzing.
ep2_caves.watery_cavern Windy underground cave with dripping water, antlion grubs, growls and rock rumbles.

Outland 2 and White Forest

Name Description Position Number Position Description
ep2_portalstorm_stage_1 Eerie sounds of the citadel portal with heavy wind and rubble.
ep2_portalstorm_stage_1_inside Interior ambience with moderate constant wind, occasional wind snippets and metal squeaks, and the citadel portal heard outside. 0 Quiet unstable citadel vortex sounds.
ep2_mines.outside Birds, wind snippets and creaking metal, with the citadel sounds being quieter. 0 Quiet citadel vortex, wind and thunder.
ep2_mines.woodbuilding Wood creaking and infrequent metal squeaks.
ep2_mines.tunnel Inside a windy cave with rocks falling and wood creaking.
ep2_mines.tunnel_dropoff Windy cavern tunnel drop-off with falling rocks, wood creaking and occasionally the sound of distant antlion grubs. 0 Distant cave howl, growls, antlion grubs and rock rubbles.
ep2_mines.elevator_shaft Inside an elevator shaft with rocks falling, wood creaking and wind blowing.
ep2_mines.chamber Wind silently blowing.
ep2_mines.tunnel_nests Windy tunnel with distant grubs, growls, rock rumbles, wood creaks and a lot of echoing animal noises.
ep2_mines.tunnel_grubs Tunnel wind blowing, rock rumbling, wood creaks and constant echoing animal sounds.
ep2_caves.quiet_tunnel_flies Similar to ep2_caves.quiet_tunnel with buzzing flies.
ep2_caves.watery_cavern_grubs Dripping water, constant echoing animal and some antlions sounds.
ep2_caves.large_watery_cavern_grubs Large dripping watery cavern with constant distant cave echoing animal and antlion sounds.
ep2_caves.watery_cavern_grubs_dropoff Large dripping watery cavern with echoing sounds of antlion grubs, wind and distant growls. 0 Distant cave howl, wind, growls, antlion grubs and rock rubles.
ep2_caves.dropoff_grubs Same as above but without any dripping water. 0 Distant cave howl, wind, growls, antlion grubs and rock rumbles.
ep2_factory.on_bridge Heavy wind like being high up in the open, strong wind gusts, metal stress and the citadel portal. 0 Quiet citadel vortex, wind and thunder.
ep2_factory.woodenroom Light wind snippets and wood creaks.
ep2_factory.concreteroom Generic interior tone.
ep2_factory.slimepit Unstable citadel portal, toxic slime, wind snippets and quiet metal creaks. 0 Quiet citadel vortex, wind and thunder.
1 Burbling toxic slime sound
2 Burbling toxic slime sound
3 Burbling toxic slime sound Silence with occasional wind gusts, positional citadel portal sounds. 0 Citadel vortex and thunder.
ep2_util.advisorpod Rhytmic mechanical rumble and quiet steam.
ep2_farm.advisor_room Combine atmosphere with strange citadel sounds and a computer terminal. 0 Combine computer terminal.
ep2_farm.courtyard The sound of an advisor pod, low-pitched wind gusts and quiet forest birds. 0 Adviser pod; rhytmic mechanical rumble and steam loop.
ep2_farm.barn Combine atmosphere, wood creaking.
ep2_farm.barn_crawlspace Same as above, with slightly louder and more high-pitched combine atmosphere.
ep2_util.hunters Various distant Hunter sounds and calls.
ep2_radiotower.courtyard_hunters Sounds of the citadel portal, heavy wind, birds and Hunters in the distant. 0 Citadel portal ambience.
ep2_radiotower.courtyard_no_hunters Almost the same as above but without any hunters and with additional citadel vortex sounds. 0 Citadel portal ambience, vortex, wind and thunder.
ep2_radiotower.basement Fluorescent lighting / machinery and wood creaks.
ep2_radiotower.radioroom_power_on Combine control room environment with wood creaks.
ep2_radiotower.radioroom_power_off Silence with occasional wood creaks and distant Hunter calls.
ep2_industrial.garage Constant industrial workplace ambience similar to an AC unit.
ep2_industrial.courtyard_toxic Silence with occasional wind gusts and burbling toxic slime. 0 Burbling toxic slime sound
1 Burbling toxic slime sound
ep2_industrial.inside_turret_building Only the sound of the combine field is being played. 0 Combine field.
ep2_industrial.crane_arena Quiet constant wind with occasional burbling toxic slime. 0 Burbling toxic slime sound
1 Burbling toxic slime sound
2 Burbling toxic slime sound
ep2_industrial.no_slime_crane_arena Same as above but no toxic slime sounds.
ep2_industrial.traintracks_tunnel Quiet rumble-like droning tone.
ep2_industrial.traintracks_chopper Open outside area with wind blowing, occasional wind gusts and birds chirping.
ep2_industrial.traintracks_chopperarena Same as above, with the birds being a little louder.
ep2_util.rocket Constant steam sound together with occasionally gas igniting and metal groans.
ep2_silo.concretehall The sound of a quiet machine.
ep2_silo.techroom Room ambience and beeping lab equipment.
ep2_silo.concreteroom General concrete room ambience.
ep2_silo.silo_top Wind tunnel blowing, constant steam sounds, beeping machinery and sometimes gas igniting. 0 Wind and beeping lab equipment.
ep2_silo.silo_middle Wind tunnel blowing, constant steam sounds, metal groans and gas igniting from time to time. 0 Underground windy ambience.
ep2_silo.silo_bottom Echoing, windy tunnel with constant steam sounds, gas igniting and metal groans like above.
ep2_silobattle.halls Room ambience with random metal rattle sounds.
ep2_silobattle.waterroom Windy tunnel with dripping water and very quiet water sounds.
ep2_silobattle.silo_open Heavy tunnel wind and wind snippets.
ep2_silobattle.silo_shut The constant sound of being in an elevator shaft / closed underground concrete room. An enclosed windy area open to the sky.
ep2_whiteforest.pre_battle Birds, critters and wind gusts.
ep2_whiteforest.battle Occasionally quiet wind gusts.
ep2_whiteforest.post_battle Identical to above.


Name Description Position Number Position Description
silo_garage_1 Garage ambience with metal rattles and people coughing.
silo_indoor_upper_quiet_1 Fluorescent light with rarer metal rattles / people coughing to above.
silo_missle_upper_1 Fluorescent light tunnel ambience, coughing people and metal rattles with infrequent water dripping. 0 Quiet metal rattling, water dripping and people coughing.
silo_missle_labroom_1 Lab ambience and other machines playing at random. 1 Very silent beeping lab equipment.
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