List of EP2 Soundscapes

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Below is a list of soundscapes for use in Episode Two.

An easy way of testing them is to use the playsoundscape console command, which includes limited searching for soundscape names so you shouldn't have to print out a copy of this list for reference.

Outland 1

Name Description Position Number Position Description
ep2_forest.util_windgusts Gust-type winds, the type you would normally hear during a damaging thunderstorm.
ep2_forest.util_shoreline An on/off of waves lapping onto a shore. This soundscape should be used with others, as the sound cuts in and out.
ep2_forest.util_small_river Sound of a small river with medium-paced running water. 0 River with running water.
1 River with running water.
ep2_forest.util_birds A short 2 second clip of multiple birds in what sounds like a large forest.
ep2_forest.util_critters Random animal noises, most of which you would hear in the forest.
ep2_forest.frogpond A wetlands compilation of birds, crickets, and other noises. The distant movement of water can be heard, almost like the shoreline soundscape above.
ep2_forest.small_river A trickling river, with ambient sounds including birds and insects.
ep2_forest.light_forest Sounds ranging from birds chattering, wind blowing, then a combination.
ep2_traincrash.intro Steady flow of water, with some wind, and various creaking sound, similar to that of lots of metal being put under pressure. 0 Flowing and shoreline water sounds.
ep2_traincrash.vista_pre_bridgecrash Lots of wind blowing, with sounds that almost suggest a hurricane arriving. This soundscape appears when you see the citadel and portal above it. 0 Citadel vortex, wind and thunder.
1 Various metal stress and ship groans.
ep2_traincrash.vista_post_bridgecrash Similar to the above, except without most of the ambient wind noises. 0 Citadel vortex, wind and thunder.
ep2_caves.util_flies Several sounds of single flies buzzing in and out.
ep2_caves.util_dist_grubs Sparse sounds of odd, echoing noises. This does not sound like the Antlion grubs when you get near them, but this is good enough to set the scene for any cave entrance.
ep2_caves.util_dist_growls Very infrequent, odd echoing noises.
ep2_caves.util_dist_rumbles Only seems to play a short 1/2 second sound of small pebbles.
ep2_caves.util_tunnel Gives a better idea of what the Antlion grubs sound like at a distance. Also includes what sound like some dirt falling, and a faint sound of wind.
ep2_caves.util_drips A variation of local dripping sounds and distant, echoing dripping sounds.
ep2_caves.main_cavern Lets you visualize a wide open cave, with the deep sound of wind blowing trough it. Also includes a distant sound of something falling over, twice. By the way, if you have a 5.1 surround sound system nearby, plug it in now.
ep2_caves.dropoff Possibly a 300 foot dropoff as the name suggests, with various antlion grub and growling and rock crumbling sounds in the background.
ep2_caves.quiet_tunnel Very quiet and distant noises coming from various cave dwellers. I thought I also almost heard the sound of a quick breath nearby.
ep2_caves.cricket_tunnel A combination of a previous soundscape, along with the constant sound of crickets.
ep2_caves.nests_tunnel This soundscape could either be used in a tunnel like the name says, or in a very busy forest. Lots of sounds going on.
ep2_caves.large_tunnel Gives you the best idea of a windy tunnel. Sound like there is a distant headcrab zombie, too.
ep2_caves.large_grub_cavern A combination of several soundscapes this time. Echoing sounds of wind, crickets, and some other noises.
ep2_caves.watery_cavern Another remix of several soundscapes. Echoing water, grubs, and wind.

Outland 2 / White Forest

Name Description Position Number Position Description
ep2_portalstorm_stage_1 Heavy wind, some rubble and the eerie sound of the portal.
ep2_portalstorm_stage_1_inside Inside a cave with wind snippets and the citadel heard outside.
ep2_mines.outside Birds and wind with the citadel being heard more silently. 0 Quiet citadel vortex, wind and thunder.
ep2_mines.woodbuilding Wood creaking and wind blowing.
ep2_mines.tunnel Inside a cave with rocks falling and wood creaking.
ep2_mines.tunnel_dropoff Same as before mixed with a 300 foot dropoff. 0 Distant cave howl, wind, growls, antlion grubs and rock rubles.
ep2_mines.elevator_shaft Inside an elevator shaft with rocks falling, wood creaking and wind blowing.
ep2_mines.chamber Wind silently blowing.
ep2_caves.watery_cavern_grubs_dropoff 0 Distant cave howl, wind, growls, antlion grubs and rock rubles.
ep2_caves.dropoff_grubs 0 Distant cave howl, wind, growls, antlion grubs and rock rubles.
ep2_factory.on_bridge 0 Quiet citadel vortex, wind and thunder.
ep2_factory.slimepit 0 Quiet citadel vortex, wind and thunder.
1 Burbling toxic slime sound
2 Burbling toxic slime sound
3 Burbling toxic slime sound 0 Quiet citadel vortex, wind and thunder.
ep2_farm.advisor_room 0 Combine computer terminal.
ep2_farm.courtyard 0 Adviser pod; mechanical rumble and steam loop.
ep2_radiotower.courtyard_hunters 0 Citadel portal storm ambience.
ep2_radiotower.courtyard_no_hunters 0 Citadel portal storm ambience, vortex, wind and thunder.
ep2_industrial.courtyard_toxic 0 Burbling toxic slime sound
1 Burbling toxic slime sound
ep2_industrial.inside_turret_building 0 Combine field.


Name Description Position Number Position Description
silo_garage_1 Metal rattling and people coughing in a garage ambience.
silo_indoor_upper_quiet_1 Same as before, but in a room with a fluorescent light.
silo_missle_upper_1 Same as before, but with water dripping. 0 Quiet metal rattling, water dripping and people coughing.
silo_missle_labroom_1 Lab ambience and other machines playing at random. 1 Very silent beeping lab equipment.