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Below is a list of 63 soundscapes for use in Episode One.

Soundscapes with 'util' in the name are intended for inclusion in other, full soundscapes. An easy way of testing them is to use the playsoundscape console command, which includes limited searching for soundscape names so you shouldn't have to print out a copy of this list for reference.

Combine Citadel

Name Description Position Number Position Description
ep_01.outside_thunder_hits Infrequent thunderclaps with silence.
ep_01.outside_wind_hits Semi-rare wind gusts and silence.
ep_01.outside_battle_hits Rare explosions and odd airplane-like noises.
ep1_citadel.util_metalstress Metal creaks and groans.
ep1_citadel.util_alarms Various Combine alarms.
ep1_citadel.util_sickvoice Citadel voice:
(1) Warning: bypass deteced!
(2) Sterilizers and containment fields compromized.
(3) Deploy, diagnose. Deploy, diagnose. Red singularity. Red singularity
(4) Priority alert! Internal stabilization team, deploy sterilizers, deploy!
(5) Alert!
ep1_citadel.util_coresickvoice Citadel voice:
(1) Priority warning: restrictors disengaged!
(2) Stabilization force disengaged
(3) Warning: core reprogramming detected!
(4) Alert! Alert! Alert!
ep1_citadel.util_hits Combine alarms and strange alien noises.
ep1_citadel.util_activity Metal creaks and groans, distant marching, and odd metallic whooshes, plays ep1_citadel.util_sickvoice citadel voices.
ep1_citadel.util_pods Something flying by. Almost sounds musical.
ep1_citadel.util_pods_cit_01 Similar to above, but more distant and less harmonic.
ep1_citadel.deep_dropoff_inside Combine alarms, warped Citadel drone, metal creaks and groans, and distant marching, plays ep1_citadel.util_sickvoice citadel voices.
ep1_citadel.pod_vista Loud pods moving.
ep1_citadel.generic Distorted Citadel drone, metal creaking, Combine alarms, plays ep1_citadel.util_sickvoice citadel voices.
ep1_citadel.generic_moody Similar to above, with less distortion, plays ep1_citadel.util_sickvoice citadel voices.
ep1_citadel.generic_moody2 Normal Citadel soundscape with damaged metal and plays ep1_citadel.util_sickvoice citadel voices.
ep1_citadel.stasis_room Loud ambience with another machine and Combine alarms in the background. 0 Stasis field.
ep1_citadel.combine_ball_room Low hum with Combine alarms and plays ep1_citadel.util_sickvoice citadel voices. 0 Ball field.
ep1_citadel.general_control_room Normal Citadel soundscape with distant explosions. 0 Combine computer terminal.
ep1_citadel.alyx_core_control_room Distorted Citadel droning, along with Combine alarms and portal discharges at random. 0 Combine computer terminal.
ep1_citadel.destabilized_core High-pitched core screeching with thunder, portal discharges and plays ep1_citadel.util_coresickvoice citadel voices.
ep1_citadel.stabilized_core Medium-pitched humming with Combine alarms and portal discharges.
ep_01.outside_citadel_edge Distant explosions, wind gusts, and falling debris at random. 0 Citadel vortex.
ep_01.inside_scene_01 Similar to above. 0 Citadel vortex.
ep1_citadel_01.citadel_entrance Heavy wind, odd scraping noise, and Combine alarms.
ep1_citadel_04.stalkercar_ambient Quiet hum of a moving Razor Train, with semi-frequent metal impacts.
ep1_citadel.core_transmission Loud static with faint hum in the background.
ep1_citadel.core_transmission2 Same as above, with garbled transmissions.

City 17

Name Description Position Number Position Description
ep1.util_fardrips Far-off, echoing drips of water.
ep1_c17_00.util_fardrips Distant, solitary drips of water.
ep1_c17_00.general_watery_tunnel Water leaking out of pipes, echoing water droplets. 0 Distant drips of water.
ep1_c17_00.tunnel_wet Water running through pipes, the soft hum of machinery, and frequent echoing drips.
ep1.zombiedark Quiet, continual wind and the soft hum of pipes. Frequent water drips, and occasional rat squeaks and zombie growls.
ep1.outsidestalkertrain Heavy creaks of metal, soft hum of machinery, and crumbling concrete. 0 Stalker noises.
ep1.util_sirens Citadel sirens, with the occasional broken Overwatch voice.
ep1.util_light_sirens City voices:
(1)(2) Alert! Alert! Alert!
(3) Deploy, diagnose. Deploy, diagnose. Red singularity. Red singularity
(4) Priority warning: restrictors disengaged!
ep1.util_light_combat_atmosphere Helicopters, striders, and APCs, and plays ep1.util_light_sirens PA announcements.
ep1.util_medium_combat_atmosphere Frequent alarms and damaged Citadel sounds. Occasional thunder blasts and bouts of gunfire.
ep1.util_heavy_wind_and_destruction Frequent, powerful gusts of wind and thunder. Occasional sound of crumbling concrete.
ep1.util_light_wind_and_destruction Infrequent gusts of wind and thunder. Occasional rubble noises.
ep1.util_light_combat Infrequent, somewhat distant gunfire.
ep1.util_medium_combat Frequent, nearby explosions and gunfire.
ep1.util_slow_sky_flashes Infrequent portal zaps.
ep1.util_rapid_sky_flashes Frequent and loud portal zaps. 0 Portal zaps.
ep1.citadel_unstable_outside Relatively quite Citadel vortex, with occasional wind and thunder. 0 Plays all the sounds from this location.
ep1.citadel_unstable_inside Same as above, but muffled. 0 Citadel vortex.
ep1.citadel_critical_outside Loud Citadel vortex noises, with gusts of wind and booms of thunder. 0 Plays all the sounds from this location.
ep1.citadel_critical_inside Loud but muffled Citadel vortex noises.
ep1.citadel_predetonation_outside Very loud Citadel vortex noises, with frequent gusts of wind and booms of thunder. 0 Plays all the sounds from this location.
ep1.control_room Very quite ambient noise. 0 Combine computer terminal.
1 Combine computer terminal.
ep1.general_small_tunnel Generic tunnel ambient noises, punctuated by frequent gusts of sharp wind.
ep1.general_large_tunnel Similar to above, but quieter and with less wind.
ep1.util_rubble Creaking metal and crumbling buildings.
ep1.general_start_of_evac_outside Distant Citadel ambience, with frequent nearby explosions and gunfire. 0 Citadel ambience.
ep1.general_start_of_evac_inside Same as above, but much more muted, as if the player is inside a building.
ep1.general_middle_of_evac_outside Louder Citadel sounds, with more frequent gunfire, Strider sounds, wind, and plays ep1.util_light_sirens PA announcements. 0 Citadel ambience.
ep1.general_middle_of_evac_inside Same as above, but muffled.
ep1.general_end_of_evac_outside Loud Citadel sounds, with frequent wind gusts and portal zaps. Explosions but no gunfire, and no Overwatch voice. 0 Citadel ambience.
ep1.general_end_of_evac_inside Same as above, but muffled. Occasional sounds of buildings crumbling.
ep1.general_citadel_predetonation Very loud Citadel vortex noises, with frequent gusts of wind and booms of thunder. 0 Citadel vortex. Soft hum of machinery punctuated by distant sounds of battle and the damaged Citadel. Occasional faint broken Overwatch broadcasts.
ep1.hospital_water_room Water running through pipes, with several loud drops of water. Occasional very faint battle noises.
ep1.antlion_parking_garage Soft hum of machinery and ambient antlion hive noises. Occasional cave noises and metal creaking. 0 Antlion ambient.
1 Antlion ambient.
2 Antlion ambient.
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