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Collect them all here and then distribute to the appropriate sections, once they exist.
#REDIRECT [[Valve Developer Community:Community portal]]
'''[http://collective.valve-erc.com/ VERC Collective]'''<br />
Huge resource for Source information, and home of the official SDK documentation.
'''[http://www.interlopers.net/ Interlopers.net]'''<br />
Basic user-written tutorials and developer news.
'''[http://www.editlife.net/ Edit Life]'''<br />
Tutorials for mapping, modelling and texturing.
'''[http://articles.thewavelength.net/ Wavelength]'''<br />
Articles and guides about several modern game engines, including HL2.
'''[http://www.akilling.org/akg/ Akilling.org]'''<br />
Basic mapping tutorials.

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