Light glspot

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light_glspot is an entity in GoldSrc games. When coupled with a custom texture, it is used to design brush-based light shafts.


Name <targetname>
Name - If a name is given to this entity, it can be activated by another trigger. If you activate the func_breakable, it will break.
Global entity name <targetname>
If this entity is used between multiple levels, all entitys with this global entity name will have the same stats and properties.
Render Mode <choices>
  • 0 : Normal
  • 1 : Color
  • 2 : Texture¨
  • 3 : Glow
  • 4 : Solid
  • 5 : Additive
FX Amount (0 - 255) <integer>
The FX amount is used by the selected Render Mode.
FX Color (R G B) <color255>
The FX color is used by the selected Render Mode.
Minimum light level