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Entity Description

An invisible light source. Can be turned on and off through inputs. The light entity is very basic but yet essential to almost every map.

Entity Values


  • Name targetname <target_source>
The name of this entity. Allows other entities in the map to trigger this one.
  • Brightnes red green blue brightness
The color and brightness of the light. RGB colors need to be between 0 and 255. Brightness can be higher.
  • Appearance <choose a style>
A preset pattern of diverse flicker effects.
  • Custom Appearance Example: azazazaz
A string of characters defining a custom pattern, a being most dark and z being most bright. Above example would be a stobe light.
  • Constant
Brightens or dims the intensity of the light near its entity. A high constant will dim the light.
  • Linear
Similar to Constant but affects all distances.
  • Quadratic
Increase to make a light bright but not travel far.
  • Maximum distance
Stops the light emitted from reaching beyond this distance. Useful in cutting down compiling time by not making lights extend infinitely.


  • Initially Dark
Causes the light to be off when the map starts.


  • TurnOn
Turns the light on.
  • TurnOff
Turns the light off.
  • Toggle
Toggles the light on or off.
  • SetPattern
Sets the light's custom appearance to the input's parameters.
  • FadeToPattern
Fades from the light's old pattern to the new one.

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