Left 4 Dead 2 Tool Updates

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This is a reference of what is new in the L4D 2 Authoring Tools for those transitioning from L4D 1 editing. While helping Valve beta test the L4D 2 Authoring Tools I created this list to help me and had a hunch Valve wouldn't be very verbose about the changes once the tools went public. It is by no means a complete list, as there are many more things I need to add that I haven't gotten around to yet, but it is many times more useful than the details provided by Valve even in it's current form. Check back periodically for more updates.

Note:This page will be dramatically updated during the first couple of weeks.

New to Hammer

  1. Multiple cordon creation is now possible for more precise control of cordoned regions.
  2. Cordons can now be added to VisGroups and toggled on/off like any other group.
  3. Added VMF Instancing which allows referencing external .VMF content into your map whose changes is automatically reflected in your main map upon reload. (accomplished using func_instance entity)
  4. Added new Heat Map tool which can be found under the Tools menu.

New in relation to L4D 2 mapping

  1. Added automatic A.I. Director controled weapon/item/upgrade spawn entities: "weapon_spawn", "weapon_item_spawn", and "upgrade_spawn"
  2. Updated info_gamemode entity to include the new game modes.
  3. Added info_director_query which allows scripting custom events based on how 'angry' the director is (how well/bad the survivors are doing).
  4. Added L4D 2 Add-on Support tool, which makes all the L4D 1 assets (models/textures) available in both Hammer, and in-game for players/developers running old addons in L4D 2.

New to the Half-Life Model Viewer

  1. Added Co-LocatedVerts to render mode options.
  2. Added ability to view model specific origin points as well as adjust the visual length. (Useful for distanced animated models like planes and intro cameras).
  3. Added additional options for viewing specific individual HitBoxes.
  4. Added ability to load/save custom HitBox data to Bones tab. (Uses .HBX extention)
  5. Added drop down to Render tab that lists all additional models being referenced by the QC file.
  6. Added mouse-look/walking/head movement animation blend sliders to Sequence tab to easily compare blended unique animations with common gameplay movements.
  7. Added drop down to Model tab that lists all materials the models QC file is referencing.

New to L4D 2 Tools Mode

  1. Many tweaks to the Particle Editor making it more streamlined/stable.
  2. Particle selection list is no longer a long text list, but an actively rendered thumbnail preview gallery.

Side notes

  1. If you find missing models/textures when you load your old map in the new tools, make sure you have the L4D 2 Add-on Support Tools fully loaded.
    Bug: If your L4D 1 assets are still missing, report the model/texture names to Valve in the Steam forums and they will be added to the L4D 2 Add-on Support tool.
  2. Recent changes to the lighting engine in L4D 2 now forces materials applied to brushes to comform to the correct shader. VertexLitGeneric textures will appear full white when applied incorrectly to brushes.