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Left 4 Dead is an upcoming co-operative multiplayer zombie/survival horror game made by Valve built using the Source engine. Left 4 Dead, originally named Terror, began life as a small Source mod made by now defunct Turtle Rock Studio's Mike Booth.

Release dates

Playable Demo

  • The demo was made available for preoders on November 6th and to the general public on the 11th.
  • Access to the demo is set to conclude on November 18th.

Full game (Steam)

  • Left 4 Dead will be made available worldwide via Steam on November 18th.

Full game (Retail)

In the US:
  • The product will ship to stores on Monday, November 17th.
  • It will be in boutique stores on the 18th.
  • The mass merchant US stores will have it on the 19th.
In the rest of the World:
  • The product will be available on Friday, November 21st.


Left 4 Dead pits four human playable or AI controlled survivors of an apocalyptic pandemic against hordes of aggressive "Infected" in a cinematic backdrop in which the players "star" as each character in a fictional movie (eg. No Mercy). The Survivors' goal is to help each other make it through various scenarios to safety. The Infected are controlled by an AI that dynamically balances difficulty and mood depending on the players' progress and situation. In an alternate game mode, human players can control up to four mutated Boss Infected with special abilities and cooperate to stop the Survivor players.

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