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How to make a the pistol shoot with a laser: Laser Pistol!

1 Open pistol.cpp

1.1 Add this under includes "gamestat.h":

#include "beam_shared.h"

#include "ammodef.h"

#define PHYSCANNON_BEAM_SPRITE "sprites/orangelight1.vmt"

beam_shared.h defines alot abount beams

ammodef.h is needed for the trace of the laser

the PHYSCANNON_BEAM_SPRITE defines what sprite is used, if u change the vmt u can make the laser have another color

1.2 Add in public (under DECLARE_SERVERCLASS();):

void DrawBeam( const Vector &startPos, const Vector &endPos, float width );

void DoImpactEffect( trace_t &tr, int nDamageType );

DrawBeam and DoImpactEffect are new parts that we will put in the script

1.3 Add in private (under DECLARE_ACTTABLE();):

int m_nBulletType;

m_nBulletType is a variable that we will use in the script

1.4 Add under BEGIN_DATADESC( CWeaponPistol ):


an extra define of m_nBulletType

1.5 Change:

void PrimaryAttack( void );


void PrimaryAttack( trace_t &tr, int nDamageType, CBaseCombatCharacter *pOperator );

We will need trace_t &tr, int nDamageType, CBaseCombatCharacter *pOperator in the Primaryattack part

1.6 Go to

CWeaponPistol::CWeaponPistol( void )


m_nBulletType = -1;

1.7 Scroll down to:

void CWeaponPistol::PrimaryAttack( void )

and change it to

void CWeaponPistol::PrimaryAttack( trace_t &tr, int nDamageType, CBaseCombatCharacter *pOperator )

We will need trace_t &tr, int nDamageType, CBaseCombatCharacter *pOperator in this part

1.8 After


gamestats->Event_WeaponFired( pOwner, true, GetClassname() );


Vector vecShootOrigin, vecShootDir;

vecShootOrigin = pOperator->Weapon_ShootPosition();

DrawBeam( vecShootOrigin, tr.endpos, 15.5 );

We say that hl2 has to draw a beam from vecShootOrigin to tr.endpos

1.9 Scroll down to the end of the script, add:


// Purpose:

// Input  : &startPos -

// &endPos -

// width -

// useMuzzle -


void CWeaponPistol::DrawBeam( const Vector &startPos, const Vector &endPos, float width )


//Tracer down the middle

UTIL_Tracer( startPos, endPos, 0, TRACER_DONT_USE_ATTACHMENT, 6500, false, "GaussTracer" );

//Draw the main beam shaft

CBeam *pBeam = CBeam::BeamCreate( PHYSCANNON_BEAM_SPRITE, 15.5 );

pBeam->SetStartPos( startPos );

pBeam->PointEntInit( endPos, this );

pBeam->SetEndAttachment( LookupAttachment("Muzzle") );

pBeam->SetWidth( width );

// pBeam->SetEndWidth( 0.05f );

pBeam->SetBrightness( 255 );

pBeam->SetColor( 255, 185+random->RandomInt( -16, 16 ), 40 );


pBeam->LiveForTime( 0.1f );



// Purpose:

// Input  : &tr -

// nDamageType -


void CWeaponSniperRifle::DoImpactEffect( trace_t &tr, int nDamageType )


//Draw our beam

DrawBeam( tr.startpos, tr.endpos, 15.5 );

if ( (tr.surface.flags & SURF_SKY) == false )


CPVSFilter filter( tr.endpos );

te->GaussExplosion( filter, 0.0f, tr.endpos, tr.plane.normal, 0 );

m_nBulletType = GetAmmoDef()->Index("GaussEnergy");

UTIL_ImpactTrace( &tr, m_nBulletType );



We define the beam

2 Open hl2_gamerules.cpp


def.AddAmmoType("Pistol", DMG_BULLET, TRACER_LINE_AND_WHIZ, "sk_plr_dmg_pistol", "sk_npc_dmg_pistol", "sk_max_pistol", BULLET_IMPULSE(200, 1225), 0 );


def.AddAmmoType("Pistol", DMG_DISSOLVE, TRACER_NONE, "sk_plr_dmg_pistol", "sk_npc_dmg_pistol", "sk_max_pistol", BULLET_IMPULSE(200, 1225), 0 );

If the enemy dies, he will dissolve and there dont draw a line after the bullet

3 Open \Steam\steamapps\SourceMods\MyMod\scripts\weapon_pistol.txt

3.1 Change

"printname" "#HL2_Pistol"


"printname" "LASER PISTOL"

We change the name in the bucket

3.1 If u know how u can change the SoundData so it will make a better noise

4 Open \Steam\steamapps\SourceMods\MyMod\cfg\skill.cfg


sk_plr_dmg_pistol "5"

sk_npc_dmg_pistol "3"

sk_max_pistol "148"


sk_plr_dmg_pistol "20"

sk_npc_dmg_pistol "15"

sk_max_pistol "148"

THis weapon doesn't shoot with normal bullets but with a laser so it will do a bigger damage to the enemy.


I hope this helps u a bit

Speedlly (Scubic)

=> this weapon (or a part of it) is going to play a role in the game that were maken (Cubic Life)