L4D Custom Music Tutorial

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There are 7 steps to adding custom music to your campaign in Left 4 Dead:

  1. Create a text file called [your_exact_map_name]_level_sounds.txt in your addons maps directory.
  2. Copy ALL the contents from my example soundscript into that file.
  3. In the missions file of your addon, find the NAME parameter, and pick a short name that has no spaces.
  4. In notepad, press CTRL + H, to find and replace XXXXX with the same name you used in missions.txt NAME field.
  5. Begin replacing any wav files you choose in the script to reference your own files. (Do not include sounds/ in the paths, it's assumed)
  6. BSPZIP or PAKRAT your custom music into the map .bsp file. (The paths for each wav file within the bsp should be sounds/music/your_custom_folder)
  7. Packadge your campaign into a .VPK and test it out ingame, your custom music should work!

Custom Music Script File

This is the example soundscript you need to copy.

It is a stripped version of the game_sounds_music.txt to only include the Events you need to edit for your campaign. Using it fixes a bug with soundscripts where zombies would play an alarm sound when killed with fire, amongst other things. It is also highly commented allowing a greater insight into what each section is for when deciding on what to change.


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