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<Left 4 Dead 2> 本页面概括了L4D2的地图编辑中新增的特性。



熟悉了这些文章后, you may wish to visit Left 4 Dead 2 Level Creation for a broad overview of L4D2 level design.你可以

New features overview

  • External VMF reference/instance capability allows you to organize your map as multiple VMF files.
  • Additional entities, such as for spawning weapons, items, and upgrades with or without A.I. Director control.
  • Director querying allows your map to do better adapt to your players. You can change paths, change appearance, create a rainstorm, etc., all based on how well players are doing and therefore how "angry" the director is.
  • A new info_gamemode can be used to more easily create a single .BSP map that can change appearance, arrangement, item placement, etc., depending on the game mode being played.
  • VScripts provide fine control over the director and simplifies implementation of complex tasks.

To do: There are other new features that should be added here.


  1. Legacy Assets
  2. VMF Instances
  3. Weapon and Item Spawning
  4. Director Queries
  5. Multi-Gamemode Support
  6. Scavenge Maps
  7. Wandering Witch
  8. Instructor Hints
  9. Add-on Notes
  10. Tank & Witch Prohibition
  11. Foot Lockers
  12. Hard Rain
  13. Scavenge Finale
  14. Gauntlet Finale
  15. Custom Finale

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