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<Left 4 Dead 2> Gauntlet Finales were introduced in The Parish campaign. Rather than having the player holdout in an enclosed arena, gauntlets force players to run to the end of the level, where the rescue vehicle is already waiting for them. In The Parish, the players must run across a bridge to make it to a rescue helicopter.

You may wish to follow along with the decompiled map this article is based off of, c5m5_bridge.vmf.


A gauntlet mainly consists of standard finale components with a few new additions and modifications:

  • trigger_finale set to gauntlet
  • info_target, targetname "nav_flow_target"
  • Rescue closets are absent but should work if they are added. Consider adding one if there is combat before reaching the finale area.
  • Dependency on director_gauntlet.nut vscript

The gauntlet finale structure is not very flexible and workarounds should be taken into consideration. Only one tank is allowed before the escape vehicle is ready. director_debug 1 shows that it is considered an escape sequence by the second time GauntletStopPanic is fired at trigger_finale.


A custom vscript seems possible by loading up a different vscript with trigger_finale.

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