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There are multiple ways to prohibit or control the spawning of boss infected in Left 4 Dead 2, which include mission.txt and vscripts.


"coop_boss_spawning" and "versus_boss_spawning" were introduced in The Sacrifice update. Known variables include:

coop_boss_spawning and versus_boss_spawning
Variable Type Range Notes
spawn_pos_min float [0,1] Percentage flow cleared by survivors?
spawn_pos_max float [0,1]
tank_chance float [0,1]
witch_chance float [0,1]
witch_and_tank int 0/1

Please see List of L4D2 Missions Files (using browser text search) for full examples of their use.


Vscripts can offer more flexibility in this case. The script file should place in your left4dead2/scripts/vscripts folder (you may need to add the vscripts sub-folder yourself). A basic script would include:

DirectorOptions <-
   ProhibitBosses = true

Also available is the director option DisallowThreatType = ZOMBIE_WITCH | ZOMBIE_TANK (as seen in c8m1_apartment.nut).

Save the text file with the extension .nut in the vscripts folder.

In your map, place a logic_auto entity and add an output. Note that logic_auto is only used here as an example. The output should target the AI Director entity and make it fire the script by using the BeginScript input. In the parameter field, you set the name of your script (the .nut extension is not needed but won't cause any issues). The script will end if the director is told to load another script or if triggered by an output to EndScript.

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