L4D2 Level Design

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This page summarizes new editing features in L4D2.

If you're new to creating levels for Left 4 Dead, be sure to check out the L4D Level Design Basics Tutorial. The basics of authoring levels are pretty similar between L4D1 and L4D2, and this section focuses on Left 4 Dead 2-specific features.

For those of you who have existing maps and are looking to update and recompile, you've come to the right place. Your maps will likely need a little bit of tweaking to get running properly, and there are several useful additions to L4D2 mapping that you'll likely want to take advantage of.

New features overview

  • External VMF reference/instance capability allows you to organize your map as multiple VMF files.
  • Additional entities for spawning weapons, items, and upgrades with or without A.I. Director control.
  • Director querying allows your map to do better adapt to your players. You can change paths, change appearance, create a rainstorm, etc., all based on how well players are doing and therefore how "angry" the director is.
  • A new info_gamemode can be used to more easily create a single .BSP map that can change appearance, arrangement, item placement, etc., depending on the game mode being played.