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kHED is a simple freeware 3D modeling editor designed for low-poly modeling. For a short time (first version released in March, 2009) it has established itself in the community as the easiest editor to learn, even for the beginners. However it has more features than many other freeware or even commercial editors.

kHED main window
kHED main window
Warning.png Warning: kHed is no longer updated since 2013. Forums are also closed
Note.png Note: kHed as some difficulties to handle complex models. Some triangles or vertices may not be exported if the mesh is too complex, no matter the size. Recreate the face or the group which poses the problem can solve sometimes, but usually no.

kHed is perfect to learn the basic of modeling and discover how modeling conception works, but modelers should learn a normal modeling software like 3DS Max or Maya after understanding the concept of modeling.

After understanding modeling, users should learn modeling softwares, not both simultaneously when they start from scratch.

Example of exporting issue:

Khed view.jpg

About the basic kHED features

  • A simple, convenient and user-friendly interface, that is great for the beginners to start learning the principle of modeling.
  • A powerful tool to create triangles and polygons, including polygons with holes.

Khed tool polygon cmp.jpg

  • A variety of tools for creating primitives: Plane, Box, Chamfer Box, Sphere/GeoSphere, Cylinder, Chamfer Cylinder, Tube and Torus.
  • Different primitive creation modes to avoid the need of aligning primitives after creating them.
  • A Lathe Tool to create rotational objects by an outline.

Khed tool lathe.jpg

  • A multi-purpose Loft Tool, that extrudes a 2D object along path.

Khed tool loft.jpg

  • Tools to modify model geometry with ease: Move, Rotate, Scale, Extrude, Bevel and Inset.
  • Precise object selection in any viewport.
  • A planar, cylindrical and sphere texture mapping.
  • Automatic unwrap of complex meshes (Unfold and Flatten algorithm).
  • A powerful Texture Coordinates Editor (UV Editor), that can handle elements, weld/unweld element parts and has handy 3D selection window.
  • Automatic Smoothing Group assigning by maximum angle between triangles and unlimited number of Smoothing Groups.
  • Differents 3D view control modes: around center, around model/selection center and first-person (with arrow keys navigation).
  • Exporting and Importing:
  • Wavefront Object (*.OBJ)
  • 3D Studio Model (*.3DS)
  • MilkShape 3D Binary (*.MS3D)
  • Half-Life / Source SMD (*.SMD)
  • Half-Life Model (*.MDL)
  • Customizable user interface.
  • kHED's units are equal to Hammer's units.
  • Adjustable background images to help you build a model from sketch.
  • Automatic data restore after crash.
  • Complete user manual.

Source models support

kHED has a built-in support for exporting and importing Source SMD files. Also there's ability to work with VTF textures like with any other picture format.

Animation support

For now kHED does not support animations or bones, but according to author words[1] it is currently in development.