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item_hlvr_prop_discovery is a point entity available in the following Source 2 engine games: Half-Life: Alyx Half-Life: Alyx .

Entity description

Discovery Object.


HL:A BasePropPhysics:

Min Damage to Hurt (minhealthdmg) <integer>
The prop will ignore any damage events if the damage is less than this amount.
Shadow Cast Distance (shadowcastdist) <integer>
Physics Impact Damage Scale (physdamagescale) <float>
Scales damage energy when this object is hit by a physics object. NOTE: 0 means this feature is disabled for backwards compatibility.
Set to 1.0 for materials as strong as flesh, smaller numbers indicate stronger materials.
Impact damage type (Damagetype) <choices>
Value Description
0 Blunt
1 Sharp

Damaging it Doesn't Push It (nodamageforces) <choices>
Used to determine whether or not damage should cause the brush to move.
Value Description
0 No
1 Yes

Accept damage from player held objects (acceptdamagefromheldobjects) <boolean>
Set to true so the player can bash this with held props.

Scale Factor For Inertia (inertiaScale) <float>
Scales the angular mass of an object. Used to hack angular damage and collision response.
Mass Scale (massScale) <float>
A scale multiplier for the object's mass.
Health Level to Override Motion (damagetoenablemotion) <integer>
Health Level to Override Motion" : 0 : "If specified, this object will start motion disabled. Once its health has dropped below this specified amount, it will enable motion.
Physics Impact Force to Override Motion (forcetoenablemotion) <float>
If specified, this object will start motion disabled. Any impact that imparts a force greater than this value on the physbox will enable motion.

Sound to make when punted (puntsound) <sound>

AI AddOn (addon) <string>
If specified this object will use this addon behavior when installed in a composite AI
interactAs <string>
comma-separated list of interaction layers
Force Nav Ignore (forcenavignore) <boolean>
If set, NPCs will ignore this prop when navigating.
Force NPC Exclude (forcenpcexclude) <boolean>
If set, NPC movement will ignore this prop
Auto Convert back from Debris (auto_convert_back_from_debris) <boolean>
If set, this prop will automatically convert back to interactive debris after coming to rest as Debris.


HLA BasePropPhysics:

  • 1: Start Asleep.
  • 2: Don't take physics damage.
  • 4: Debris - Don't collide with the player or other debris.
  • 8: Motion Disabled.
  • 64: Enable motion when grabbed by gravity gun.
  • 128: Not affected by rotor wash.
  • 256: Generate output on +use.
  • 512: Prevent pickup.
  • 1024: Prevent motion enable on player bump.
  • 4096: Debris with trigger interaction.
  • 8192: Force non-solid to players
  • 32768: Enable +use glow effect
  • 1048576: Physgun can ALWAYS pick up. No matter what.
  • 16777216: Important Gravity Glove target.


HLA BasePropPhysics:

Wake up this physics object, if it is sleeping.
Put this physics object to sleep. It will wake if given the Wake input, or if force is applied to it. Note that physics objects go to sleep automatically after coming to rest for a while, so you don't really need to use this.
Enable physics motion/collision response.
Disable physics motion/collision response.
Enable player pickup of this prop.
Disable player pickup of this prop.
Disable fluid/floating simulation to reduce cost.
SetBodyGroup <string>
Sets bodygroup. Format is <BodygroupName,index>
physdamagescale <float>
Set the Physics Impact Damage Scale for this character. NOTE: 0 means this feature is disabled for backwards compatibility.
Damaging the entity applies physics forces to it.
Damaging the entity does *not* apply physics forces to it.
Allow this prop to play its own sound when punted.
Prevent this prop from playing its own sound when punted.
SetAutoConvertBackFromDebris <boolean>
Set whether or not this prop should automatically convert back to interactive debris after it comes to rest as debris.
AddAttribute <string>
Add an attribute with a value of 1.
RemoveAttribute <string>
Remove an attribute.


CallPrivateScriptFunction <string>
Calls a script function from this entity's private script scope.
CallGlobalScriptFunction <string>
Calls a script function in the global script scope.


Removes this entity from the world.
Removes this entity and its children from the world.
Note.png Note: Entities already remove orphaned children upon being removed, but this input removes all children on the same frame, being marginally faster than Kill.
AddOutput <string>
Adds a keyvalue/output to this entity. It can be potentially very dangerous, use with care.
KV Format: <key> <value>
I/O Format: <output name> <targetname>:<inputname>:<parameter>:<delay>:<max times to fire, -1 means infinite>
FireUser1 to FireUser4
Fire the OnUser outputs; see User Inputs and Outputs.
Use  !FGD
Same as a player invoking +use; may not do anything depending on the entity. Can also be invoked by firing an output that does not specify an input.
RunScriptFile <script> (in all games since Left 4 Dead 2)
Execute a VScript file from disk, without file extension. The script contents are merged with the script scope of the receiving entity.
RunScriptCode <string> (in all games since Left 4 Dead 2)
Execute a string of VScript source code in the scope of the entity receiving the input. String quotation may be needed when fired via console.
Bug.png Bug: In Left 4 Dead 2, the code is executed in the script scope of the entity that fires the output, not the one receiving the input.
Warning.png Warning: Never try to pass string parameters to a script function with this input. It will corrupt the VMF structure because of the nested quotation marks, which then must be removed manually with a text editor.
CallScriptFunction <string> (in all games since Left 4 Dead 2) !FGD
Execute a VScript function in the scope of the receiving entity.
SetLocalOrigin <coordinates> (in all games since Alien Swarm) !FGD
Send this entity to a spot in the map. If the entity is parented to something, it will be offset from the parent by this amount.
SetLocalAngles <angles> (in all games since Alien Swarm) !FGD
Set this entity's angles.


HLA BasePropPhysics:

Fired when motion is enabled on this prop, either via 'Health Level to Override Motion' or from the EnableMotion input.
Fired when this entity becomes awake (collision/force is applied to it while it's asleep).
Fired when the player picks up the prop with the physcannon or +USE.
Fired when a player punts this object with the physgun.
Fired when a player picks this object up WITH THE PHYSGUN. +USE pickups do not fire this output.
Fired when the player drops the prop with the physcannon or USE.
Fired when the player tries to +USE the prop. This output will fire only if the Generate output on +USE spawnflag is set.
Fired whenever the player picks up this prop (with the physcannon or with +USE).
Fired whenever the prop is out of the allowed world bounds.


OnUser1 to OnUser4
These outputs each fire in response to the firing of the like-numbered FireUser1 to FireUser4 Input; see User Inputs and Outputs.
OnKilled  (only in Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2)
This output fires when the entity is killed and removed from the game.