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{{lang|Item ammo 357 large}}
[[File: item_ammo_357.png | right | 300px]]
==Entity Description==
{{hl2 point|item_ammo_357_large}} It's a ''large'' box of .357 Magnum caliber ammo for the {{ent|weapon_357}}, providing 12 rounds regardless of the current difficulty setting.
[[Image:Item_ammo_357.jpg|frame|right|The item_ammo_357_large looks exactly identical to the [[item_ammo_357]] seen here.]]
{{note | The <code>item_ammo_357_large</code> looks exactly identical to the {{ent|item_ammo_357}} entity.}}
A ''large'' box of .357 Magnum caliber ammo for the [[weapon_357|Magnum revolver]], providing 12 rounds regardless of the current difficulty setting.
{{code class|CItem_LargeBox357Rounds|item_ammo.cpp}}
* {{kv item}}
{{KVIO ItemHL2}}
* {{i item}}
* {{o item}}
==See Also==
* [[item_ammo_357]]
[[Category:Entities]] [[Category:Items]]

Latest revision as of 04:26, 1 July 2019

Item ammo 357.png

<Half-Life 2> item_ammo_357_large is a point entity available in the Half-Life 2 series. It's a large box of .357 Magnum caliber ammo for the weapon_357, providing 12 rounds regardless of the current difficulty setting.

Note.png Note:  The item_ammo_357_large looks exactly identical to the item_ammo_357 entity.

In code, it is represented by class CItem_LargeBox357Rounds, defined in item_ammo.cpp.


  • 1: Start Constrained - Spawns with motion disabled.


Item: Model:

World Model (model) <string>
The model this entity should appear as. 128-character limit.
Skin (skin or ModelSkin <Alien Swarm>) <integer>
Some models have multiple skins. This value selects from the index, starting with 0.
Collisions (solid) <choices>
Method of collision for this entity.
Body Group (body or SetBodyGroup) <integer> !FGD
Sets the the active $bodygroup.
Hitbox Set (hitboxset) <string> !FGD
Sets the $hboxset to use.
Sequence (sequence) <integer> !FGD
Default animation sequence for the model to be playing after spawning.
Playback Rate (playbackrate) <float> !FGD
A multiplier of the framerate at which animations are played, negative values are accepted. Default is 1.0
Cycle (cycle) <float> !FGD
The current frame of the currently playing animation, on a range from 0-1.
Lighting Origin (LightingOrigin) <targetname>
Select an entity (not info_lighting!) from which to sample lighting instead of the entity's origin.
Lighting Origin Offset (LightingOriginHack) <targetname> !FGD
The info_lighting_relative from which to sample lighting instead of the entity's origin. Not in <Left 4 Dead><Left 4 Dead 2>.
Damage Filter Name (damagefilter) <targetname>
When this entity receives damage, it will filter by this entity.
Start Fade Distance (fademindist) <float>
Distance at which the entity starts fading. If <0, the entity will disappear instantly when end fade is hit. The value will scale appropriately if the entity is in a 3D Skybox.
End Fade Distance (fademaxdist) <float>
Distance at which the entity ends fading. If <0, the entity won't disappear at all. The value will scale appropriately if the entity is in a 3D Skybox.
Fade Scale (fadescale) <float>
If specified in the worldspawn, or if the engine is running below DirectX 8, entities will fade out even if the fade distances above aren't specified. This value gives more control over when this happens: numbers smaller than 1 cause the entity to fade out at further distances, and greater than 1 cause it to fade out at closer distances. Using 0 turns off the forced fade altogether. See also $noforcedfade.
Render Mode (rendermode) <choices>
Set a non-standard rendering mode on this entity.

Render FX / Transparency (0 - 255) (renderamt) <integer>
Transparency amount, requires a Render Mode other than Normal. 0 is invisible, 255 is fully visible.
Render Color (R G B) (rendercolor) <color255>
Color tint.
Render FX (renderfx) <choices>
Preset pattern of appearance effects.

To do: 18-21, 25
Shadow Cast Distance (shadowcastdist) <integer>
Sets how far the entity casts dynamic shadows. 0 means default distance from the shadow_control entity.
Note.png Note:  Further reasearch needed, not avalible for prop_dynamic in Source 2013
Disable Shadows (disableshadows) <boolean>
Prevent the entity from creating cheap render-to-texture shadows. Does not affect shadow mapping.
Disable Receiving Shadows (disablereceiveshadows) <boolean>
Prevent the entity from receiving shadows on itself.
Model Index (modelindex) <short> !FGD
Changes the entity's model to a precached model on the map.
Warning.png Warning: Using an invalid value will instantly crash the game, this includes 0 and 1.
Texture Frame (texframeindex) <integer>
The frame number for any animated textures on this entity.
Model Scale (modelscale) <float> (in all games since <Half-Life 2: Episode Two><Half-Life 2: Episode Two>) !FGD
A multiplier for the size of the model. Negative values are accepted. Does not alter the physics collisions in most cases, however. Not in [Portal], <Left 4 Dead>, <Left 4 Dead 2>, sdk 2013.
Warning.png Warning: Negative or extremely high values can cause crashes!


Classname (classname) <string>
The classname defines the type of entity. Classnames can be changed using AddOutput, which will influence how the engine deals with the entity in certain circumstances.
Name (targetname) <string>
The name that other entities refer to this entity by.
Global Entity Name (globalname) <string>
Name by which this entity is linked to another entity in a different map. When the player transitions to a new map, entities in the new map with globalnames matching entities in the previous map will have the previous map's state copied over their state.
Parent (parentname) <targetname>
Specifies a movement parent. An entity will maintain its initial offset from its parent. An attachment point can be added to the end of the name, separated by a comma. Every entity can be parented, even point entities. Entities which are parented will be forced to transition to the next map, such as from a trigger_transition. Some entities which aren't intended to be parented may not function correctly. phys_constraint can be used as a workaround to parenting.
Origin (X Y Z) (origin) <coordinates>
The position of this entity's center in the world. Rotating entities typically rotate around their origin.
Pitch Yaw Roll (X Y Z) (angles) <angle>
This entity's orientation in the world. Pitch is rotation around the Y axis, yaw is the rotation around the Z axis, roll is the rotation around the X axis.
Note.png Note: This works on brush entities, although Hammer doesn't show the new angles.
Flags (spawnflags) <integer>
Toggles features of an entity, its specific number is determined by the combination of flags added.
Response Contexts (ResponseContext) <string>
Pre-defined response system contexts for this entity. Format is key:value,key:value,.... Contexts may be filtered.
Effects (effects) <integer> !FGD
Combination of effect flags to use.
Local Time (ltime) <float> !FGD
The local time of the entity, independent of the global clock. Used mainly for physics calculations.
Next Think (nextthink) <float> !FGD
Amount of time before the entity thinks again.
Hammer ID (hammerid) <integer> !FGD
The entity's Hammer ID. Mainly used by plugins and debugging commands, such as ent_keyvalue. Can be manually assigned with the "hammerid" or "id" keyvalue. Entities spawned at run-time are not assigned any Hammer ID.


Item: Model:

skin <integer>
Selects a skin from the model's index, starting with 0.
SetBodyGroup <integer>
Sets the the active $bodygroup.
Makes the entity catch on fire indefinitely.
IgniteLifetime <float>
Makes the entity catch on fire for a given amount of time.
IgniteNumHitboxFires <integer> (removed in <Left 4 Dead 2>)
Makes the entity catch on fire with a given number of hitbox fire particles. Does not function correctly in <Left 4 Dead 2> onward.
IgniteHitboxFireScale <float> (removed in <Left 4 Dead 2>)
Makes the entity catch on fire with a given scale for hitbox fire particles. Does not function correctly in <Left 4 Dead 2> onward.
Kills the entity and creates a client-side ragdoll from the model. Input is only passed if the model contains $collisionjoints, for other models phys_convert can be used instead.
SetLightingOrigin <targetname>
Sets the entity's lighting origin to use this entity's position.
SetLightingOriginHack <targetname> (removed in <Left 4 Dead>) <Obsolete>
Deprecated. Offsets the entity's lighting origin by their distance from an info_lighting_relative. Use SetLightingOrigin instead.
fademindist <float>
Sets distance at which the entity starts fading. If <0, the entity will disappear instantly when end fade is hit. The value will scale appropriately if the entity is in a 3D Skybox.
fademaxdist <float>
Sets distance at which the entity ends fading. If <0, the entity won't disappear at all. The value will scale appropriately if the entity is in a 3D Skybox.
SetModelScale <vector> (only in <Source><Source>)
Multiplies the size of the model. Does not alter the physics collisions in most cases. Can take two values separated by a space, in which case the first value would be the target model scale and the second value would be the number of seconds the change in scale will be spread over. If there is no second value, the model will scale instantly.
Tip.png Tip: The modelscale keyvalue can be AddOutputed as a workaround for other games with this input missing.
Warning.png Warning: Negative or extremely high values can cause crashes!
Alpha <integer>
Sets the entity's transparency to a number from 0 (invisible) to 255 (fully visible). Requires the entity to have its Render Mode (rendermode) set to a number other than 0.
AlternativeSorting <boolean>
Swaps the rendering order of the entity. Used to attempt to fix sorting problems when rendering, for example an object rendering in front of translucent materials.
Color <color255>
Sets an RGB color for the entity.
SetDamageFilter <targetname>
Sets a filter for this entity for when it receives damage.
Allows the entity to be pushed by damage done to it (usually force amount correlates with the damage done).
Prevents the entity from being pushed by damage done to it.
Allows the entity to draw a render target shadow.
Prevents the entity from drawing a render target shadow.


Removes this entity and any entities parented to it from the world.
Functions the same as Kill, although this entity and any entities parented to it are killed on the same frame, being marginally faster than Kill.
SetParent <string>
Move with this entity. See Entity Hierarchy (parenting).
SetParentAttachment <string>
Change this entity to attach to a specific attachment point on its parent. The entity will teleport so that the position of its root bone matches that of the attachment. Entities must be parented before being sent this input.
SetParentAttachmentMaintainOffset <string>
As above, but without teleporting. The entity retains its position relative to the attachment at the time of the input being received.
Removes this entity from the the movement hierarchy, leaving it free to move independently.
AddOutput <string>
Evaluates a keyvalue/output on this entity.
Format: <key> <value>
Format: <output name> <targetname>:<inputname>:<parameter>:<delay>:<max times to fire, -1 means infinite>
FireUser1 to FireUser4
Fire the OnUser outputs; see User Inputs and Outputs.
Use  !FGD
Same as a player invoking +use; may not do anything. Can also be invoked by creating an output that does not specify an input.
This input is not included in Valve's FGDs.
DispatchEffect <string> (removed in <Left 4 Dead>) !FGD
Dispatches a special effect from the entity's origin. Removed and replaced entirely by the particle system since <Left 4 Dead>.
DispatchResponse <string> !FGD
Dispatches a response to the entity. See Response and Concept.
AddContext <string>
Adds to the entity's list of response contexts. Format is <key>:<value>.
RemoveContext <string>
Remove a context from this entity's list. The name should match the key of an existing context.
ClearContext <string>
Removes all contexts from this entity's list.



Fires when the player touches this item. !activator is the player.
This output fires when the player proves they have "found" this item.
Fires on:
  • Player Touch (whether or not player actually acquires the item).
  • Picked up by +use.
  • Picked up by gravity gun.
  • Punted by gravity gun.


Fired when the entity catches fire, such as from an env_entity_igniter or the Ignite inputs.


OnUser1 to OnUser4
These outputs each fire in response to the firing of the like-numbered FireUser1 to FireUser4 Input; see User Inputs and Outputs.