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A little video too see how all this code will turn out. (For those who is just curious)


HL2DM SDK (maybe Singleplayer?)

This could work with the Scratch aswell. Normally all you have to do is replace hl2mp_ with sdk_xxx.cpp and you will find the right files to put it in.

This is a community project. The original code comes from this man: Cin.

He has credits to most of this code as it is now.

If you have done this tutorial before with no luck you better remove the old code, because what is in here now is pretty much all new code.

The Goal

Is to create an ironsight system that do not include animation. It moves the origin of the weapon position up the Players eyes origin.

That was the original goal, now we have a little animation slide aswell.

The Project

The project is now done, it should work normally.

What is still left.

  • Remove crosshair on toggle
  • Change the fov on toggle

We went down from 80 errors to now 6 errors on the client side. EDIT: And now we are on 0 errors!


Add this in the bottom of the file. Only add the lines with //ADDED behind.


	//jorg40 - ironsight
	Vector m_expOffset; //ADDED
	QAngle m_expOriOffset; //ADDED

	int m_iPlayerDamage;


Add this in the file.

void CHL2MPSWeaponInfo::Parse( KeyValues *pKeyValuesData, const char *szWeaponName )
   // this just saves off the data in the script file for later use
   KeyValues *pEt = pKeyValuesData->FindKey("ExpOffset");
   if (pEt)
		m_expOffset.x     = pEt->GetFloat("x", 0.0f);
		m_expOffset.y     = pEt->GetFloat("y", 0.0f);
		m_expOffset.z     = pEt->GetFloat("z", 0.0f);

		m_expOriOffset.x  = pEt->GetFloat("xori", 0.0f);
		m_expOriOffset.y  = pEt->GetFloat("yori", 0.0f);
		m_expOriOffset.z  = pEt->GetFloat("zori", 0.0f);
      m_expOffset = vec3_origin;


Change in the beginning of the file so it looks like this

#include "cbase.h"
#include "baseviewmodel_shared.h"
#include "datacache/imdlcache.h"

#if defined( CLIENT_DLL )
#include "iprediction.h"
#include "prediction.h"
// cin: 070105 - ironsight mode changes
#include "convar.h"
#include "c_hl2mp_player.h"
#include "weapon_hl2mpbase.h"
#include "vguiscreen.h"

// memdbgon must be the last include file in a .cpp file!!!
#include "tier0/memdbgon.h"

Then under that add so it should look like this.

//THIS IS ALLREADY IN THE CODE, just so you know where we are
#define SCREEN_OVERLAY_MATERIAL "vgui/screens/vgui_overlay"

#if defined( CLIENT_DLL )
void ExpWpnTestOffset(ConVar *pConVar, char *pszString);
ConVar   cl_exp_test_wpn_offset("cl_exp_test_wpn_offset", "0", 0, "Tests weapon offsets",

ConVar   cl_exp_test_wpn_offset_x("cl_exp_test_wpn_offset_x", "0");
ConVar   cl_exp_test_wpn_offset_y("cl_exp_test_wpn_offset_y", "0");
ConVar   cl_exp_test_wpn_offset_z("cl_exp_test_wpn_offset_z", "0");

ConVar   cl_exp_test_wpn_ori_offset_x("cl_exp_test_wpn_ori_offset_x", "0");
ConVar   cl_exp_test_wpn_ori_offset_y("cl_exp_test_wpn_ori_offset_y", "0");
ConVar   cl_exp_test_wpn_ori_offset_z("cl_exp_test_wpn_ori_offset_z", "0");

// cin: 070105 - applies existing weapon offsets when
// entering test mode (this will not be called upon
// weapon change, so beware)
// this mode should only be used for calibrating the
// ironsighted mode offests for a particular weapon
void ExpWpnTestOffset(ConVar *pConVar, char *pszString)
   CBasePlayer *pPlayer = UTIL_PlayerByIndex(engine->GetLocalPlayer());
   if (pPlayer)
      CWeaponHL2MPBase *pWeapon  = dynamic_cast<CWeaponHL2MPBase *>(pPlayer->GetActiveWeapon());
      if (pWeapon)


// last time ironsighted mode was toggled
float gIronsightedTime(0.0f);

// i bound this to a key for testing(i.e. bind [ ironsight_toggle)
CON_COMMAND(ironsight_toggle, "toggles ironsight mode for the current weapon")
   if (gpGlobals->curtime - gIronsightedTime < 0.5f)

   CBasePlayer *pPlayer = UTIL_PlayerByIndex(engine->GetLocalPlayer());
   if (pPlayer)
     C_BaseViewModel  *pVm = pPlayer->GetViewModel();
      if (pVm)
		//pPlayer->m_Local.m_iHideHUD |= HIDEHUD_CROSSHAIR;)
         pVm->m_bExpSighted  ^= true;
         gIronsightedTime     = gpGlobals->curtime;

void CalcExpWpnOffsets(CBasePlayer *owner, Vector &pos, QAngle &ang)
   Vector   forward, right, up, offset;

   // this is a simple test mode to help determine the proper values
   // to place in the weapon script
   if (cl_exp_test_wpn_offset.GetBool())
      ang.x      += cl_exp_test_wpn_ori_offset_x.GetFloat();
      ang.y      += cl_exp_test_wpn_ori_offset_y.GetFloat();
      ang.z      += cl_exp_test_wpn_ori_offset_z.GetFloat();
      CWeaponHL2MPBase *pWeapon  = dynamic_cast<CWeaponHL2MPBase *>(ToHL2MPPlayer(owner)->GetActiveWeapon());
      if (pWeapon)
         ang        += pWeapon->GetHL2MPWpnData().m_expOriOffset;
         offset      = pWeapon->GetHL2MPWpnData().m_expOffset;

   // get eye direction angles
   AngleVectors(ang, &forward, &right, &up);

   // apply the offsets
   pos        += forward   * offset.x;
   pos        += right     * offset.y;
   pos        += up        * offset.z;

Scroll down some and you will find the ViewModel::Spawn Edit it to look like this:

void CBaseViewModel::Spawn( void )
	Precache( );
	SetSize( Vector( -8, -4, -2), Vector(8, 4, 2) );
	SetSolid( SOLID_NONE );

	#ifdef CLIENT_DLL
   // cin: 070105 - ironsighted mode changes
   m_bExpSighted  = false;
   m_expFactor    = 0.0f;


Animating the gun

Now while we are still in the file we need some more. Look for void CBaseViewModel::CalcViewModelView. Replace the whole function with this.

void CBaseViewModel::CalcViewModelView( CBasePlayer *owner, const Vector& eyePosition, const QAngle& eyeAngles )
   // UNDONE: Calc this on the server?  Disabled for now as it seems unnecessary to have this info on the server
#if defined( CLIENT_DLL )
   QAngle vmangoriginal = eyeAngles;
   QAngle vmangles = eyeAngles;
   Vector vmorigin = eyePosition;

   CBaseCombatWeapon *pWeapon = m_hWeapon.Get();
   //Allow weapon lagging
   if ( pWeapon != NULL )
#if defined( CLIENT_DLL )
      if ( !prediction->InPrediction() )
         pWeapon->AddViewmodelBob( this, vmorigin, vmangles );
         CalcViewModelLag( vmorigin, vmangles, vmangoriginal );

#if defined( CLIENT_DLL )
   if ( !prediction->InPrediction() )
      // Let the viewmodel shake at about 10% of the amplitude of the player's view
      vieweffects->ApplyShake( vmorigin, vmangles, 0.1 );   
   // cin: 070105 - ironsighted mode changes
   // get the wpn offsets
   CalcExpWpnOffsets(owner, vmorigin, vmangles);

   // get delta time for 1 sec interpolation and interpolate to/from positional offset
   float delta(gpGlobals->curtime - gIronsightedTime);
   m_expFactor = (m_bExpSighted) ? 
         (delta > 1.0f) ? 1.0f : delta :
         (delta > 1.0f) ? 0.0f : 1.0f - delta;
   Vector difPos(vmorigin - eyePosition);
   vmorigin = eyePosition + (difPos * m_expFactor);


Looks easy huh? What does it do then? The delta variables says what is what. 1.0 is when the gun is fully ironsighted, and 0.0 says when it is not sighted at all. So this codes calculates the distanse between and slide the gun from 0 to 1.


You need to add a couple of public defines here.

class CBaseViewModel : public CBaseAnimating
	DECLARE_CLASS( CBaseViewModel, CBaseAnimating );

	bool m_bExpSighted; //ADDED
	float m_expFactor; //ADDED


#if !defined( CLIENT_DLL )

Jorg40 - Extra

Some of you might think the gun is is moving up to the designated point a bit too slow, then here is the solution to it. Nothing hard nothing particular cool stuff, just 2 lines of code.

Look for this line: float gIronsightedTime(0.0f); Below it add this.

float gMoveTime(0.1f); //Jorg40 - Seconds to use to move the model up to players view

Last line. Go to the delta float delta(gpGlobals->curtime - gIronsightedTime); Change it to look like this:

float delta((gpGlobals->curtime - gIronsightedTime) / gMoveTime);

Done! All we need to do is to change the script files.


Add this somewhere in the script file.

      "x"   "-15"
      "y"   "-5.5"
      "z"   "4.2"
     // "xori"   "-2.9" //Does not work
     // "yori"   "1.1" //Does not work
     // "zori"   "2.0" // Does not work


Some of you might want to achieve this in singleplayers. (Code will appear shortly)


Quote/Note from the real author: How you set m_expFactor (time based interpolation is the easiest) and m_bExpSighted (button press) is up to you. also consider how you may pass this information to the server so ironsighted mode can be propagated over to other clients (i.e. other players will see that you're in ironsighted mode).

Note from Jorg: If you guys dont understand this tutorial, you better take a visit to this site.

Also ingame, open console, write cl_exp and all the commands that are needed will show up.