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<Synergy> info_player_equip is a point entity available in Synergy. It manages the players' equipment.

Entity description

Entity that will give the player any equipment specified by it's key values (in the form of 'entity_classname' 'number_of_items'). This entity replaces the functionality of the game_player_equip.

Tip.png Tip: Multiple info_player_equip entities can exist simultaneously be used to toggle between different "sets" of equipment.


StartDisabled <choices>
Start this entity Enabled or Disabled
  • 0 : Start Disabled.
  • 1 : Start Enabled.
Equip the !activator of this input with the items contained in this entity, even if this entity is disabled. Activator must be a player.
Equip every living player with the items contained in this entity, even if this entity is disabled.


Name (targetname) <string>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.
Entity Scripts (vscripts) <scriptlist> (in all games since Left 4 Dead 2)
Space delimited list of VScript files (without file extension) that are executed after all entities have spawned. The scripts are all executed in the same script scope, later ones overwriting any identical variables and functions.
Script think function (thinkfunction) <string> (in all games since Left 4 Dead 2)
Name of a function in this entity's script which will be called automatically every 100 milliseconds (ten times a second) for the duration of the script. It can be used to create timers or to simulate autonomous behavior. The return value (if present) will set the time until the next call.
Note.png Note: Try to avoid expensive operations in this function, as it may cause performance problems.





OnUser1 to OnUser4
These outputs each fire in response to the firing of the like-numbered FireUser1 to FireUser4 Input; see User Inputs and Outputs.
OnKilled  (only in Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2)
This output fires when the entity is killed and removed from the game.

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