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A console command which can do lots of different stuff depending on its numeric parameter.

Here is a list. All impulses marked as a cheat will require sv_cheats to be enabled.


Note:Command parameters are described inside the < and > characters.

Syntax: impulse <number>

Impulse List


These commands are used in-game by default.

impulse 100
Toggles the flashlight on/off for the player.
Default key: F

Half-Life 2

impulse 50
Makes player command (call/send) a squad.
Default key: C
impulse 51
Spawns item_dynamic_resupply.
impulse 52
Rangefinder. Prints Starting position, ending position, 3D distance and 2D distance.

Spawn Commands

impulse 82
Cheat. Spawns an armed buggy.
impulse 101
Commonly used cheat. Gives the player all weapons, extra ammo, extra health and extra energy. (Can also be used In counter strike source to fill up the players cash reserves)
impulse 102
Cheat. Spawns a human skull. (The models\Gibs\AGIBS.mdl gib.) It spawns a more dynamic set of gibs in Half-Life: Source.

Other Commands

impulse 81
Cheat. Gives the player weapon_cubemap which is used to test cubemaps.
impulse 99
Cheat. Only available in Half-Life. Displays various logos on the players HUD. Used for promotional/demonstration trailers.
impulse 103
Cheat. Reports status (AI, health, etc.) of the NPC under the crosshairs.
impulse 106
Cheat. Displays the classname, targetname and modelname of the entity under the crosshairs.
impulse 107
Cheat. Prints what texture the crosshairs are pointing at.
impulse 108
Cheat. Debugs the NPC under the crosshairs.
impulse 200
Cheat. Toggles between lowering/raising the weapon completely, clearing it from the screen, useful for taking screenshots.
impulse 203
Cheat. Remove the entity under the crosshairs.

Multiplayer games

impulse 201
Paints decal in multiplayer.
Default key: T


impulse 195
Cheat. Would show the shortest path in the level to the nearest node_viewer_fly node.
impulse 196
Cheat. Would show the shortest path in the level to the nearest node_viewer_large node.
impulse 197
Cheat. Would show the shortest path in the level to the nearest node_viewer_human node.
impulse 202
Would play 'player jingle'.
impulse 202
Cheat. Would splatter blood decal.