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The job ITextureRegenerator class is to change the pixel values of any procedural texture that uses a regenerator that implements this class.

The Methods

This method does the actual pixel changing.

void RegenerateTextureBits( ITexture *pTexture, IVTFTexture *pVTFTexture, Rect_t *pRect )

Use this method to do any cleaning up.

void Release()

The Interface

// This will get called on procedural textures to re-fill the textures
// with the appropriate bit pattern. Calling Download() will also
// cause this interface to be called. It will also be called upon
// mode switch, or on other occasions where the bits are discarded.
class ITextureRegenerator
	// This will be called when the texture bits need to be regenerated.
	// Use the VTFTexture interface, which has been set up with the
	// appropriate texture size + format
	// The rect specifies which part of the texture needs to be updated
	// You can choose to update all of the bits if you prefer
	virtual void RegenerateTextureBits( ITexture *pTexture, IVTFTexture *pVTFTexture, Rect_t *pRect ) = 0;

	// This will be called when the regenerator needs to be deleted
	// which will happen when the texture is destroyed
	virtual void Release() = 0;

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